Wagyu Jin

Wagyu Jin at Shaw Centre is a new prefecture-focused Wagyu omakase restaurant by the Les Amis Group.

Helmed by Executive Chef Makoto Saito, Wagyu Jin specialises in a selection of premium A5 Wagyu beef dishes from various Japanese prefectures like Gifu, Shiga, Miyazaki, Iwate and Tochigi. The wagyu lunch omakase is only S$118++ while the wagyu dinner omakase starts from S$238++.


Wagyu Jin’s seasonal Wagyu omakase menu will have 7-9 courses.

Wagyu Jin Lunch Omakase Menu

Wagyu Jin’s lunch omaksae is priced at S$118 per pax and it comes with the following dishes:

  • Somen with sea urchin & Hokkaido hairy crab
  • Yakiniku – A5 Mizayaki Beef
  • Sushi – A5 Hida Beef
  • Awabi (abalone)
  • Sukiyaki – A5 Tochigi Beef
  • Dessert – Yuzu Sorbet

Wagyu Jin Dinner Omakase menu

There are two options for the dinner omakase and they are priced at S$238 and S$318.

The S$238 dinner omakase menu features the following dishes:

  • Appetiser – Langoustine, sea urchin, caviar and jelly
  • Yakiniku – A5 Mizayaki Beef
  • Chateaubriand Sando with A5 Ohmi Beef
  • Somen with caviar and truffle
  • Sukiyaki
  • Sushi – A5 Hida Beef
  • A5 Tochigi Beef rice bowl
  • Dessert – Yuzu Sorbet

Wagyu Jin Wagyu

If you are still hungry after having the wagyu omakase, you can also add on a la carte dishes including Uni Rice (S$38), Scampi (S$38), Yakiniku A5 Mizayaki Beef (S$27) and Hokkaido Hairy Crab (S$48).

Wagyu Jin
1, #02-12 Scotts Rd, Shaw Centre, 228208
Tel: +65 8940 0741

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