Famous Ginza Omakase Restaurant from Tokyo, Sushi Takahashi is opening in Singapore at Mohammad Sultan Road. This is the first international outpost of Chef Jun Takahashi’s namesake restaurant.

After honing his skills at prestigious three Michelin-starred sushi omakase restaurants including Kanesaka and Saito, Chef Jun Takahashi opened a top-tier culinary haven in the upscale Ginza district in Tokyo. And its popularity means that it is always a challenge trying to snag a reservation at this highly-rated omakase resaturant.

Helming Sushi Takahashi Singapore is Chef Rinto Sasagawa who has worked with Chef Jun Takahashi for the past eight years.

Experience the art of omakase integrated with Zen philosophies at Sushi Takahashi. Its interior design embodies Zen principles, offering an atmosphere where every detail exudes calmness. We are absolutely in love with their Zen garden!

Sushi Takahashi is easily the most beautiful omakase restaurant in Singapore.

The whole experience seamlessly blends peaceful simplicity with refined elegance, welcoming guests to a thoughtful exploration of the culinary world.

The omakase lunch at Sushi Takahashi Singapore starts from S$180/pax, while you can go for the full Takahashi experience by opting for their signature omakase menu at S$480/pax during dinner.

Course after course, the chefs never fail to surprise us with their skills and culinary prowess. Every dish was stellar but here are some of our favourite items that we had during the omakase dinner.

This Crab Croquette with shaved truffle and truffle bisque was superb.

Then it was a dish of unagi vs anago.

We usually prefer anago because we love the dense texture and light taste, but the chef’s rendition on the lightly looked unagi blew our minds. We’ve never had unagi like that before—the taste was so pure and clean.

Unagi is usually doused in tare, but this was as naked as it could be, allowing the crisp of the skin and the natural sweetness of the flesh to shine through. Brilliant!

We had 8 pieces of nigiri which included the likes of ebi and otoro.

You can also look forward to several signature dishes that are from the original Sushi Takahashi in Tokyo including the Uni with Ankimo, Nodoguro (Blackthroat Seaperch) and Miyazaki Wagyu Beef Sushi.

The Negitoro Hand Roll topped with a copious amount of caviar was stunning. This was the best Negitoro Hand Roll we’ve ever had.

If you are looking for a special omakase restaurant in Singapore to celebrate an occasion, you must book a table at Sushi Takahashi. And remember to do it soon because we are sure they will be fully booked for months once the word gets out.

Sushi Takahashi
4 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238955

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