Marina Bay Flower Fields

Bored in Singapore and want to pretend you are overseas? You should check out this secret flower field that is walking distance from Marina Bay MRT Station.

This empty plot of land has been spruced up with pots of bougainvillea. Rows after rows of bougainvillea in different hues, set amidst the boundless blue skies and fluffy white clouds, this secret flower field gave us that vacation vibes that we so sorely miss. For a while, it did feel like we were overseas.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new secret flower field in Singapore. We have also included directions on how you can get there.

Marina Bay MRT Station Flowers

The flower pots sit on a plot of land that is just slightly off Marina Bay MRT Station. There is no admission fee; everyone is free to enter.

Flower Field Marina Bay

The sea of reds, pinks and purples is made up of primarily bougainvillea pots of varying heights. Quite a sight to behold, we must say!

Marina Bay Flower field OOTD

On weekends, this field can get a little crowded, but because the whole plot of land is pretty big and there are really many rows of flowers, safe distancing can still be observed. Do be mindful to space out when admiring the flowers and taking your photos!

Marina Bay Flowers

And please just admire the flowers with your eyes! Let’s all practise a bit more etiquettes. In the name of creating beautiful photos for keepsake, we should never harm the flowers in any ways.

Flower field opposite Marina One

Marina Bay Flower Field Google Map

How to get to the secret Marina Bay flower field:

Marina Bay MRT station exit A and walk towards the Marina Bay Sands direction. The field will be on the right after you exit the station. The flower field is directly opposite Marina One. If you are driving, the field is at the junction between Bayfront Ave and Central Blvd.


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