Established in 1965, Kelim Dakdoritang is a famous Korean spicy chicken hotpot chain with more than 50 outlets in South Korea and it has opened its first outlet in Singapore at Serangoon Gardens.

The speciality spicy chicken stew restaurant is brought in to Singapore by Lee Seongmin is the son of Kelim Dakdoritang’s founder.

Dakdoritang, or Korean spicy chicken stew, is a traditional Korean dish made by boiling chunks of chicken with potatoes, rice cakes vegetables, spices and gochujang. What makes Kelim Dakdoritang’s rendition different is the additional of a copious amount of chopped garlic and leek.

Kelim Dakdoritang serves their Korean spicy chicken stew in the form of a hotpot and you can choose to add on more toppings including rice cake, sausage, mushrooms, and quail eggs.

The Korean spicy chicken stew was actually not as spicy as it looked; it had the right amount of spice with a strong garlicky taste.

For carbs, you can choose from Kalguksu (Korean knife cut noodles), Udon, or Ramyeon.

End your meal with their Fried Rice (S$8), a typical Korean ‘dessert’. The staff will fry rice, seaweed, sesame oil, and kimchi with the remaining stew in the hotpot at your table.

This is definitely not the place to go on a first date. But if you love spicy Korean stews, check out Kelim Dakdoritang the next time you are in Serangoon Gardens.

Kelim Dakdoritang
14B Kensington Park Rd
Singapore 557265
Tel: +65 6241 4241


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