Foong Kee Roast Meat

Famous roast meat eatery, Foong Kee Coffee Shop is closing on 15 June 2021.

Foong Kee Coffee Shop is one of the best Chinese roast meat stalls in Singapore. It’s a rather unassuming coffee shop at first glance, but when you take that first bite, you’d understand why the queues don’t ever seem to disperse till lunch hours are over.


In an interview with 8 Days, Foong Kee’s chef-owner Derrick Wong, 58, confirms that his shop unit has been sold to a new owner who is starting another business there.

The owner mentioned that he is closing his roast meat eatery as he needs a rest after working for more than 20 years. But he did not rule out a possibility of a comeback in the future.


If you are planning to make a trip to Foong Kee Coffee Shop before it closes for good on 15 June 2021, here’s what you have to try.

It is undeniable that their roast pork is fantastic. The ratio of fat to lean pork meat was just right, and the crispy crackling skin had such a satisfying crunch to it. The savoury marinate really did permeate through the meat itself as every bite was so flavourful.

The char siew didn’t lose out either. The caramelised crust had a wonderful char and smokiness to it, with the slightly burnt edges playing off the sweetness of the sauce. The fat on the pork wasn’t overwhelming either and was just enough to keep the lean meat moist enough.


While they’re more famous for the former two, we felt that their duck deserved much praise. The cuts of duck meat were absolutely succulent and tender, with its natural game meat taste amplified in a pleasant umami way without being too heavy. The skin was also really thin and crisp, which we liked a lot.

Though roast ducks have a tendency to have a thick layer of white fat on it, this was just the right amount as the fat melted like butter and gave the meat an extra fragrant burst of flavour. It was oh so sinful, but oh so good.

The chilli deserved a special mention too. Rather than the usual viscous and sweet chilli paste, theirs resembled more of the Thai variety. It was sweet, tangy and spicy all in one. We appreciated that it brought out another element of flavour to the roast meats without covering it up like the usual chilli paste.


Foong Kee Coffee Shop
6 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089114
Daily: 11am –  8pm
Nearest Station: Outram Park

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