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Tiga Roti burgers by Potato Head Singapore

Three Buns by Potato Head Singapore is a name many people recall when they think of gourmet burgers. As a household name, Three Buns has finally decided to make their burgers more accessible to all diners with Tiga Roti, a new Muslim-friendly cloud kitchen concept that recreates their signature burgers, all with halal ingredients.

tiga roti halal burgers three buns
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Said halal-certified ingredients also ensure no pork, lard, nor alcohol goes into their burgers. For now, the concept is delivery-only.

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The menu here comprises recreations of the OG menu, exclusive mains, and sides, of which some are plant-based. They are also priced more affordably, with burgers starting from just $12.

tiga roti halal burgers
Image credit: Tiga Roti

The Plug Three ($12) reinvents the Baby Huey ($18), arguably Potato Head’s most famous burger. With over 30,000 sold since its inception, the Plug Three houses a 100% grass-fed Argentinian beef patty, accompanied by their classic smoky mayo, cheese, and pickled onions.

Next, the S’Lambin ($15) reworks Three Buns’ Rambo ($18), keeping its Mediterranean inspired flavours with the lamb patty, feta cheese, aubergine, and cumin aioli used.

tiga roti rendang burger
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The exclusive burgers are also ones to order. These include the Hot Dang ($15), a riff on rendang, with pulled beef brisket and rendang gravy sandwiched between toasted buns.

tiga roti burgers
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Accompany your burger with the Fuhhh Fries ($9), a spin on the popular Naughty Fries from the restaurant. Chunky potato chips are topped with fried scallions, beef chilli, pickled chilli, and cheese.

tiga roti three buns burgers milkshake
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For dessert, try the Bandung Milkshake ($7), or the Bread n Butter Fritters ($8). The latter sees bread and butter pudding cut into fritters, deep-fried, and served with a custard dip.

You can get your hands on their food via their Oddle website, or major delivery platforms like GrabFood, Deliveroo, and Foodpanda.

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