Tien Tien Yogurt now in Singapore

Imagine having guilt-free bubble tea you can drink almost everyday without worrying about its adverse effects. Now, stop dreaming, Tien Tien Yoghurt has finally reached our shores, launching its first branch outside of Malaysia here in February 2021. Right at the heart of Holland Village MRT Station, the aesthetically pleasing shop sells unique, IG-worthy yoghurt smoothies, which are a healthier alternative to your usual BBT.

TIEN TIEN YOGHURT DRINKSImage credit: Tien Tien Yoghurt Singapore

Their highly nutritious drinks can be topped up with special toppings like Lotus Biscoff or Jujube from $1. Good news is you get to customise your sugar level of preference, as you can choose between 0%, 50% or even 100% sugar for your cuppa.

TIEN TIEN YOGHURT AVOCADOImage credit: @thicktoast

Those who need their dose of extra Vitamin C can choose from a selection of fresh fruit yoghurt smoothies, with prices starting from $5.60. Reminiscent of Alexandra Village’s highly popular avocado juice, their Melon Avocado is interesting and worth a try. Other eye-catching flavours include Dragonfruit, Strawberry Melon, and Purple Yam, designed to excite our inner fruitarians.

TIEN TIEN YOGHURT CEREALImage credit: @uchumee

Alternatively, start your day right with their variety of cereal yoghurt smoothies, which begin from $5.20. Some of their staples would be the Tien Tien Oat or Tien Tien Purple Rice Special, essentially all you need for breakfast in a cup. These keep in line with trendy purple rice yoghurt drinks that have been gaining traction recently, especially from favourites like Yomie’s Rice X Yoghurt among others. 

If you prefer having that sense of familiarity, go for their Matcha Red Bean or Oreo flavours instead, which will probably be a bigger hit with the local crowd.

TIEN TIEN YOGHURT DRINKS 2Image credit: @thicktoast

What’s more, there’s an attractive ongoing promotion for students on weekdays till 6pm, with their entire drinks menu going for $5 as long as you flash your student ID or show up in your school uniform.

If you’re on the lookout for other new openings around, Mom’s Touch has a new outlet at Centrepoint, introducing their famous Korean fast food into Orchard. If not, famous Japanese crepes cafe Cafe Aux Bacchanales has opened their first international branch in Plaza Singapura as well!

Address: 200 Holland Avenue, #B1-05, Holland Village MRT Station, Singapore 278995
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 9.30pm
Tien Tien Yoghurt is not a halal-certified drinks stall.

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