Avocado Series Available in Many Different Flavours!

Home-grown Singaporean brand Fruce may be a name that’s slightly under-the-radar, but one we promise that you won’t regret trying.

Currently operating in two locations at Wisma Atria and NEX, Fruce is one stall you should seriously try if you haven’t already done so. Here, they serve a variety of beverages and are best known for their addictive Avocado Series. Who knows, they might be your next go-to for drinks!

Avocado Series

Of the 4 different categories of drinks they offer, the Avocado series is the most popular and for good reason.

Fruce prides themselves on using only the freshest avocados for their beverages. They are cut and blended, ensuring the best and freshest taste in their drinks.

The drinks you can find on the menu includes the Avocado Coconut ($4.7/5.7), Coffee Grande Avocado ($5.0/6.0), Chocolate Hays Avocado ($5.2/$6.5), Avocado Cempedak ($5.5/7.3) and the D24 Durian Avocado ($5.5/7.3).

If it’s your first time trying out their avocado beverages, what you can expect is a palatable beverage that’s utterly smooth and creamy. Only the best quality avocados go into each cup and when combined with the fresh, creamy milk used, the result is surely stellar.

For the adventurous, we recommend getting a flavoured avocado drink.

Fan of caffeine? Try the Coffee Grande Avocado—this flavour is aptly balanced in terms of the bitterness from the coffee and the slight sweetness from the avocadoes!

Thirst-Quenching Refreshers

Reminiscent of the popular Hong Kong dessert, their Mango Sago ($4.9/5.9) is a must-try. This drink uses fresh mango purée that’s sweet and aptly tart. The luscious drink is combined with toppings including the Kanten Kyoto Jelly and Petite Konyaku.

For a thirst-quenching drink that’s light on the palate, the White Grape Okayama ($4.6/5.8) comes highly recommended. The drink comes with Fruce’s signature Kanten Kyoto jelly which gives an extra mouthfeel!

Taro Coconut

Fan of creamy taro drinks? This is a must to get.

Falling under the Coconut Series category, the Taro Coconut ($5.0/6.0) is an insanely creamy beverage that’s strong on the taro base flavour as well as tea. This unique concoction is aptly rich, yet not overly cloying. What’s more, it comes with fresh yam paste at the bottom—it’s like having orh nee in beverage form!

Mochi Milk Tea Nakiato

Fruce ain’t like your typical bubble tea brand, but here they serve one and only one kind of milk tea.

The Mochi Milk Tea Nakiato is one of the latest additions to their menu. This drink comes thick and luscious but nothing overly surfeiting. You’d be glad to find mochi at the bottom of the drink—this topping is a refreshing one; akin to a hybrid of your regular golden pearls and Japanese mochi!

This beverage is finished off with a helping of Nakiato (Cheese cream) for a subtle saltiness to the drink.

Where to Get The Awesome Drinks!

There’s nothing like having these refreshing concoctions to beat the heat on our sunny island. You’d surely be spoilt for choice with their huge array of offerings available!

You can now also get your fix even while WFH, both their outlets offer island-wide delivery on GrabFood! Otherwise, you can locate their outlets at either NEX or Wisma Atria.

Wisma Atria (Available thru Grab)

435 Orchard Rd, #B1-45 Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877
Operating Hours: Daily 11am  10pm

NEX (Available thru Grab)

23 Serangoon Central, NEX #B2-34, Singapore 556083
Operating Hours: Daily 11am  10pm


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