Although we are not able to visit Japan anytime soon, we are pretty lucky enough to have many Japanese cuisines scattered around the island. Whether you’re looking to indulge in some fiery ramen, scrumptious matcha buns, or even find Japanese snacks, we have it all right here! If you’re into Japanese desserts, here’s one unique gem that will guarantee to tickle your taste bud.

Colourful & Chewy Warabimochi With Splendid Flavours

Chanced upon on Instagram, Spuds & Soda makes artisanal warabimochi. Warabimochi is a wagashi made from warabiko and covered or dipped in kinako. Real ones are made with glutinous rice. A perfect warabimochi is nicely chilled, and it has a jelly-like texture. No doubt, it is hard to make. Thankfully, you can get these treats delivered to your home.


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Spuds & Soda offers a great range of flavours. Every different flavours, comes in different colours! Some classic flavours include Kinako Kokuto, Matcha, Houjicha, and Black Sesame. These flavours will definitely transport you to Japan. If you love things with a local twist, you can never go wrong with Kopi-O, Teh-O, Bandung, and Milo. Feeling a little fruity? Apple, Mango, Blueberry, and Fruit Punch will be splendid options.


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For the classic Japanese flavours, it is priced at $6.20. For others, it is priced at $5.80. These packets in sixteen pieces. If you love to try different flavours all at once, assorted packets are available for $10.80. If you order more than $25, you will be excited to know that free delivery is available! It is definitely perfect to share with your colleagues!

Find It At Spuds & Soda

To check out its official website, you can click right here!

Cover Photo: @spudsandsoda (Instagram)

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