Lately, there has been an ongoing trend. Beautiful buns stuffed with mochi are on the rise. Pleasing to the eyes, the stickiness of the mochi in the buns definitely makes a cut to Instagram. Tearing it halves to take a munch is a delight!

This Muslim-Owned Bakery Makes Mochi Brownies

Photo: @bakingsoba (Instagram)
Photo: @bakingsoba (Instagram)

Buns are usually the baked good that you will find with mochi. However, if you are looking for a different texture, it is time to feast on mochi brownies. Imagine taking a bite on the flaky texture of the brownies, and be surprised by fresh mochi on the inside!

Photo: @bakingsoba (Instagram)
Photo: @bakingsoda (Instagram)

Baking Soda, a Muslim-owned Internet-based bakery offers mochi brownies. Perfectly cut into squares, the chocolatey brownie has a generous amount of mochi on the inside. It comes with a thin layer of white mochi, followed by flavoured fillings on the inside.

Photo: @bakingsoba (Instagram)
Photo: @bakingsoba (Instagram)

Some of the flavours include Lotus Biscoff, peanut butter, and red bean. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled as there are seasonal flavours such as strawberry cream cheese, too. Apart from brownie mochi, it appears that Baking Soda is a professional in making cinnamon rolls and colourful lamingtons, too.

The Perfect Work At Home Treat

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