Onne Cafe is a Japanese-themed cafe at Kampong Bahru Road

Japanese-themed cafes are all the rage these days, and we just can’t get enough of their serene and tranquil minimalist interiors. If you’re around Everton Park, make sure to swing by Onne Cafe, yet another delightful spot that embodies these calming, zen vibes. You can find them at Kampong Bahru Road, just a short eight-minute walk from Outram Park MRT Station.

Named after their daughter, Dionne, Onné Cafe is lovingly managed by a husband-and-wife duo. The menu at Onné Cafe showcases a selection of Japanese-inspired dishes, including Shio Kombu Pasta, Carbonara Miso, Hotaté Aglio é Olio and more.

Visit them during lunch from 11am to 2pm on weekdays to enjoy their value-for-money lunch sets that come with miso soup. Mains include Oyakodon ($10.90), Pork Jowl Donburi ($11.90), and Gyudon ($12.90).

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A must-try is their savoury Carbonara Miso ($21), which features al dente pasta coated generously in a creamy miso-spiked carbonara sauce with chunks of pork, and topped with ikura.

The carbonara miso was well-balanced and not overly savoury to the point that it got too jelak.

There was a generous amount of the al dente pasta, which retained a good bite.

The bursts of umami from the ikura, scattered throughout the dish, helped cut through the richness of the dish too, making it feel less heavy.

Rice lovers should go for their Melting Beef Don ($21)━a colourful bowl which comes with pan-seared beef, yellow pickled radish, an onsen egg, and garnished with chilli threads, all served atop Japanese short-grain rice.

The slices of pan-seared beef were sizeable, and cooked to a nice medium. Each slice had a robust, meaty flavour and a pleasantly chewy mouthfeel.

The runny egg yolk added to the richness of the dish, and the chilli threads introduced a hint of sweetness.

For other don options, try Jason’s personal favourites, Miso Salmon Don ($17) or Unagi Don ($19).

You won’t go wrong with their Mochi Waffles, which come in two different flavours: Dirty Charcoal and Matcha Green Tea, both priced at $9.

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The earthy, bitter notes from the matcha green tea were a good complement to the sweet mochi waffles.

Here, you’ll find fluffy waffles with pockets of soft, chewy mochi within.

Those with a sweet tooth will be happy to know that they offer ice cream here too━a perfect pairing for your waffles! Enjoy them as a single scoop ($4.50), or a double ($8).

Alternatively, go for Warabi Mochi ($8), a traditional Japanese dessert made of bracken starch that’s softer and chewier than regular mochi, with a melt-in-the-mouth finish.

Warabi mochi, for those unacquainted, is typically dusted with kinako powder, a sweet toasted soy bean flour with a nutty flavour.

The dessert is served with kuromitsu, AKA black sugar syrup, which adds a caramel sweetness to the warabi mochi.

Ambience-wise, the cafe has a rustic and wooden interior accompanied by chill instrumental music playing in the background. If you’re looking to get some work done, the cafe has some plugs available!

There are also additional seating options on their mezzanine level, which overlooks the cafe below.

P.S.: Onne Cafe is pet-friendly!

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Address: 5 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169341
Opening hours: Mon-Tue 9am to 9pm, Thurs-Fri 9am to 9pm, Sat-Sun 11am to 11pm
Tel: 9760 4004
Onne Cafe is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Chew Yi En.
This was a media tasting at Onne Cafe.

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