The Urban Hideout is a new pet-friendly cafe located at The Brooks.

It is just one block away from Cafe Bakeaholic opened by daughter of Hong Kong TVB actor Benz Hui at Springleaf.

The 25 seater space is decked in a warm and cosy setting, with ambient lights, cemented and red-bricked walls to evoke a homely touch.

Their Brunch menu items (for humans) include Starters ($4.90 – $8.90), Mains ($9.90 – $16.90), Gelato ($3.90), Waffles ($8.90) and Cakes ($5.90).

Mains include a decent selection that varies from Wholesome Breakfast ($16.90) to Rosti ($15.90), Jumbo Croissant (Egg Mayo $9.90, Ham & Cheese $9.90, Smoked Salmon with Egg Mayo $13.90), Smoked Salmon, Eggs & Avocado Toast ($15.90), Aglio Olio ($10.90) and Marinara ($15.90).

The Smoked Salmon, Eggs & Avocado Toast ($15.90) came beautifully stacked in four distinctive layers.

There was smoked salmon on top, creamy yellow scrambled egg in the middle, avocado slices and avocado mash with tomato bits on top of a slice of sourdough toast.

The overall texture was soft, fluffy and creamy with a comforting and homely taste.

Perhaps by adding some citrusy lime juice can help cut through the creaminess and add a different flavour profile.

Another favourite was the Swiss Rosti ($15.90) that came with either Pork Bratwurst or Chicken Bratwurst by the side, salads and a dollop of sour cream.

Crispy and charred on the surface with a distinctive flavours from the spices, the Rosti was well-made with a crunch and aromatic from the herbs used.

Their desserts menu offers Gelato (Normal $3.90, Premium $4.90), Waffle with a single scoop of gelato ($8.90), Mud Monster ($9.90), Carrot Cake ($5.90) and New York Cheesecake ($5.90).

Unfortunately the waffle wasn’t ready during my time of visit, so I decided to get their gelato instead.

Showcasing 12 different flavours in their gelato shelf with interesting options such as Bluepea Sea Salt, Green Apple Yakult, Ispahan (Premium), and Speculous.

The Green Apple Yakult is worth a mention and more unique (seems the same as No Horse Run at Yishun), being smooth in texture and citrusy with a fruity.

Using a 2-beans-blend from Brazilian, Sumatra roasted by a local coffee roaster, the usual suspects can be on the menu: Latte ($5.90), Flat White ($5.90), Cappuccino ($5.90), Mocha ($6.50), Vanilla Latte ($6.50) and Hazelnut Latte ($6.50).

My cup of Latte ($5.90) comes with a single espresso shot with double ristretto, medium bodied, medium roast with chocolate notes.

Good news to fur parents, while most pet-friendly cafes only allows pets to enter the premise, The Urban Hideout also offers a Pet Food Menu exclusive for your fur-kids.

Think Handmade Meatballs ($10.90), Chicken “Rice” ($10.90), Surf & Turf ($12.90), Beef Cubes ($12.90), Meat Patty ($10.90) and Raw Dog Food ($10.90 – $12.90) for your pets while interacting with similar like-minded pets owners.

In collaboration with pet retail company, Pawff, The Urban Hideout also offers a small retail section offering snacks for pets.

There are also house rules stating that welcome everyone, pet owners and their own pets, no stray animals and healthy pets are to be properly restrained or leashed in the premise.

Even though The Urban Hideout doesn’t have a resident dog, you can find owner’s pet, Yuki the Sheltie there from time to time.

With a pet food menu for your fur kids and brunch food for the paw parents, The Urban Hideout is an ideal pet-friendly cafe for everyone (including pets).

The Urban Hideout
The Brooks 1, 60 Springside Walk, #01-05, Singapore 786020
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 10:30pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.

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