Some of you may remember Australian boutique café The House of Robert Timms previously at the Wheelock Place, which is considered one of Singapore’s first casual Australian cafés.

Brewing since 1951 in Australia, this heritage coffee brand is one of Australia’s first coffee companies. It may give you the feeling of ‘nostalgia’, as it has been around in Singapore since 2010.

Perhaps you do not know that there is an outlet at Suntec City East Atrium (Tower 3), which also has a direct access to tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto.

More than just an artisanal coffee brand, it has revamped to serve up a variety of modern café fare.

This year, The House of Robert Timms has launched 12 new dishes.

These include a range from Baby Back Ribs ($15.50), Potato-crumbed Wings ($13.50), Prawn Bisque with Truffle Infusion ($15.00), Mushroom, Haloumi & Egg ($19.00), Parma Ham, Arugula & Mozzarella Pizza ($19.50), Herb-marinated Roasted Chicken ($24.00), Pan-seared Barramundi ($28.00), to dessert of Vanilla Panna Cotta ($15.00).

They have also included more plant-based dishes such as the Imposssible™ Meatball Pasta Marinara ($20.00), Warm Mushroom Salad ($15.50), and Brussel Sprout Caesar ($16.00, with optional add-ons of smoked salmon and roasted chicken).

Get ready for an upgrade as you see these new classic Aussie mainstays in the menu, here are some of The House of Robert Timms’ recommendations you can expect:

Baby Back Ribs ($15.50)
For starters, they offer Lite Bites – small plates with big flavours, such as the Baby Back Ribs.

No, you’re not getting an entire slab, but a trio of sticky saucy pork ribs served atop crunchy straight-cut fries.

What I liked was that there was a light crispy batter on the outer layer, covered with cayenne hot sauce for a fierce jolt to your taste buds.

Dunk them in the double mustard sauerkraut to balance out the spiciness. One of my favourite new dishes from the menu.

Prawn Bisque with Truffle Infusion ($15.00)
Whet your appetite with a sip of this velvety smooth house-made prawn bisque. A sprinkling of micro greens and a buttered toast on the side completes this dish.

Accentuated with drops of truffle oil, this rich and creamy French-inspired soup is centred with a tiger prawn timballo topped with a dollop of truffle butter.

Mushroom, Haloumi & Egg ($19.00)
Make it a sunny morning all day long with this all-day breakfast vegetarian dish.

Choose how you want your eggs – scrambled, poached, sunny side up, or over easy.

Then, they’ll cook it up, and serve with sauteed wild mushrooms, grilled cubes of haloumi cheese, baby arugula, quinoa, marinated tomatoes all drizzled with lime dressing.

Pair with a warm and crisp a walnut rye toast, this was actually quite hearty and filling on its own.

Pan-Seared Barramundi ($28)
The Barramundi is possibly Australia’s most iconic native freshwater fish. This seafood main uses barramundi fillets pan-seared ‘til its skin is crispy and golden brown.

Plated over a high-fibre mushroom farro risotto and roasted butternut squash, the fried fillets are ready to mingle with a parmesan and cayenne-shellfish velouté, providing that medley of flavours.

Even though there was a thick sauce, the skin still retained its light crisp texture, with clean sweet earthiness of the flesh.

Aussie Wagyu Beef Burger ($28.00)
This towering burger is created with the meat lover in mind and features a hefty 250gm patty made in-house using Aussie Wagyu beef.

Bite into its savoury juiciness as the melted Emmentaler cheese joins the sauteed portobello mushrooms and grilled onions.

All the robust flavours meld together in an herb tomato sauce – which provided that added tanginess.

Enjoy this Aussie beef with its mate crisp garlic fries. Or add a streaky bacon ($4.00) for extra meat.

Octopus & Snapper Squid Ink Pasta ($25.50)
This squid ink-infused spaghetti is tossed in crustacean oil to intensify its oceanic flavours.

Cuts of octopus leg cooked sous vide-style, together with chunks of snapper make it a light yet flavourful entrée, with cherry tomato halves adding freshness.

I would personally prefer a version which has stronger (say garlicky flavours), though the octopus legs were quite tender.

Robert Timm’s Fish & Chips ($26.00)
A house branded signature main showcasing fillets of snapper coated in a Victoria Bitter Beer-infused batter.

Deep-fried to achieve that lovely golden-brown crust, the fish blends with the equally golden-brown potato fries. To be munched with the accompanying tartare sauce and coleslaw.

Coffee-rubbed Tomahawk Pork Chop ($32.00)
This has been one of the main highlights of The House of Robert Timms. Make your porcine and java fantasies come together in this 250g tomahawk pork chop.

Served with French fries, a Granny Smith slaw and dehydrated kale.

Dry rubbed in house blend coffee grounds, the grilled bone-in steak gets that extra flavour on top of its smoky charred taste. I do think the outer layer may need some getting used to due to its slight bitter taste.

Relish its succulent meat with savoury-sweet maple barbecue sauce, which helped balance out some of the coffee flavour.

Vanilla Panna Cotta ($15.00)
Make it a sweet ending with a creamy vanilla-flavoured panna cotta topped with strawberry coulis.

A gorgeously plated dessert bedecked with fresh berries, dehydrated orange slice, and a sprinkle of butter crumble.

The Panna Cotta was surprisingly and delightfully soft, and made a light accompaniment to the other heavier mains.

The House of Robert Timms Coffee
The House of Robert Timms sources the finest green beans around the world for roasting and blending. Each blend is artfully combined to create a distinct taste and aroma. Typically, it contains beans from 2 to 5 origins.

From a light, delicate roast to a full-bodied dark roast, each blend is crafted to bring out the best in the coffee beans.

Other than the usual choices of Flat White ($7) and Cappuccino ($7), you can also opt for more interesting ones like the Red Velvet Latte ($7.80), Vanilla Butterscotch Latte ($7.80), Caramel Cheesecake Frappe ($8.50) and Choco Toffeenut Frappe ($8.50).

The House of Robert Timms Singapore
3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-608 Suntec City (East Wing Tower 3), Singapore 038988
Tel: +65 6235 5176
Opening Hours: 10am – 9pm Last Order 8.15pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with The House of Robert Timms.

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