Plastic isn’t good for the environment. Plastic pollution causes harm to a lot of things, but especially marine life. With that said, you will be excited to know that Singapore will be taking the initiative to minimise the usage of plastic bags. Next year, it is most likely to charge the usages for plastic bags in supermarkets.

Supermarkets Likely To Charge For Plastic Bag

Photo: NTUC FairPrice (Facebook)

According to The Straits Time, the plans to start charging plastic bags at supermarkets will most likely happen next year. The aim of this initiative is to discourage the excessive use of plastic bags. To go hand in hand, the initiative is also made to promote reusables.

Apart from the imposed charges, Amy Khor, the Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment, mentioned that other parts of the process must be addressed as well. This includes public education, behavioral nudges, and also working with producers and retailers to reduce packaging.

Charging for plastic bags was first brought up on 10th April. It was one of the recommendations mentioned by the Citizens’ Workgroup on Reducing the Excessive Consumption of Disposables. Dr. Khor further added that an appropriate model must be developed.

Starts In Supermarket & May Expand Further

Photo: NTUC FairPrice (Facebook)

When asked regarding e-commerce, Dr. Khor mentioned that the initiative will start within supermarkets. After understanding the impact that has been made, it will be expanded further.

This story has been retrieved from The Straits Times.

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