Acai Bowls and other smoothie bowls became popular in Singapore during the 2015-17 period, and has found its way into the menus of several cafes.

You may wonder if anything newer can come out of this.

Over at 33 Erskine Road (of walking distance from Maxwell Food Centre), there is a smoothie bowl specialty café which serves up acai bowls looking like mini-flower pots or succulents.

On the menu are other superfood bowls (or should I say cups or pots) and hot oatmilk lattes.

The owner Hazel started this vegan-friendly health concept store as she believed that eating healthy does not have to be boring.

Note that there is just a small standing area, and this is primarily a takeaway concept.

The superfood smoothie bowls are topped with fresh fruit and nutritional ingredients like acai (berries that grow wild in the Amazon rainforest) and organic coconut from Amazonia.

The top colourful flowers are made of agar-agar jelly and fruits.

A regular bowl goes for $8.90, while the large is at $12.90.

The recommended is the California Sunset ($8.90, $12,90), comprising of turmeric spices with a blend of papaya, banana and coconut cream, also topped with granola, blueberries, raspberries and goji berries.

Due to my fondness of the colour blue, I had the Blue Surf which is a blend of butterfly pea, organic coconut, banana, and coconut cream.

This is further enhanced with kiwi fruits, melon seed, blueberries, goji berries and chia pudding.

The base had a strong coconut taste of thick consistency, and you get varied textures such as the crunch of the seeds. Consider this a not-bad ‘dessert’ choice, or a refreshing treat.

I thought that the flower-jelly could have some kind of sweetness, as it was rather plain on its own.

For hot beverages, there is a unique range of non-caffeine latte ($5.30 – $6.20 per cup) like butterfly pea, beetroot, matcha and golden milk latte (turmeric, cinnamon, pepper) for the daily nutrient boost.

The well popular Oatly is used for the lattes, making this vegan friendly as well.

Again, I ordered the blue Butterfly Pea Latte ($6.20) and had this diluted milky taste. Could have more full-bodied creaminess, or maybe another ingredient(s) can be added because butterfly pea flower on its own has practically no scent or flavour.

Perhaps will try the other stronger flavoured latte the next time.

Summer Lab – Superfoods Bowl
33 Erskine Road, #01-05, Singapore 069333
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 7:30pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

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