International brands are pretty well-versed in using Japan’s local ingredients to make interesting food and beverages. This time around, Starbucks Japan is a true champion. The international coffee brand has just recently introduced 47 Frappuccino, with every Frappuccino representing one prefecture in Japan. This over-the-top drop is in conjunction with Starbucks’ 25th anniversary branching out abroad for the first time.

47 Frappuccinos Representing Every Prefecture’s Ingredients

Photo: Starbucks Japan (Website)

To mark this extraordinary milestone, Starbucks uses special flavours and ingredients from every prefecture to create 47 interesting ‘stories’, and bringing pride to every prefecture. Each beverage is priced at 669 yen, and takeout is priced at 682 yen. These beverages are only available in its corresponding prefecture from 30th June to 3rd August, on a while stocks last basis. Check it out!

Photo: Starbucks Japan (Website)

Available In Japan From 30th June 2021 Onwards

There are so many interesting flavours to try from. To check out the stories behind every beverage, you can click right here! If you get to try one of these flavours, what’s your pick? Let us know in the comments!

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