Life is full of surprises. Sometimes, when we thought we have everything figured out, and life changes! This is one of that stories. Here’s a story of how a Singaporean quitting the rat race after a decade and starting up a weekend kitchen serving her favourite cuisine.

S’porean Opens A Weekend Kitchen Serving Chinese Home Dishes

Photo: Bag-A-Belly by SA (Facebook)

We have stumbled upon Bag-A-Belly on Facebook. Founded by Su Ann, she had decided to quit her job after working in that industry for more than ten years. As mentioned on Bag-A-Belly’s Facebook post, she wanted to get her health back on track as work had taken a toll on her wellbeing.

Su Ann said, “Believing that healing comes with a total shift, and with the support from family and friends, I went back to basics. Wholesome home cooking, working out, volunteering in worthy causes, and spending time with the family – my health got back on track.”

During the time off from work, she had finally found some time to do her favourite thing, cooking. Su Ann happily said, “Our family loves to eat and the ladies, from Grandma, Mom to aunties and even Mum-in-law have great cooking skills!”

Photo: Bag-A-Belly by SA (Facebook)
Photo: Bag-A-Belly by SA (Facebook)

Su Ann loves cooking for her friends and family. With a lineage from Guangzhou, Fujian, and a dash of Nyonya influences, she makes lips-smacking Mei Cai Kou Rou, Drunken Chicken, Lotus Leaf Pork, and so many more. With the encouragement of friends and family, Su Ann decided to start Bag-A-Belly to share her dishes with others in Singapore.

People Love Bag-A-Belly’s ‘Mei Cai Kou Rou’

Photo: Bag-A-Belly by SA (Facebook)

Although Su Ann has just recently started the business, it was well-received with many high praises. Mei Cai Kou Rou is a crowd favourite. The dish is a combination of mustard greens, and pork belly. It takes up to two days to prepare, excluding six hours of steaming the dish. Sweet and savoury, this dish is well-paired with rice, and steamed buns. Here’s a list of other dishes available:

Photo: Bag-A-Belly by SA (Facebook)
  • Lotus Leaf Pork
  • Black Fungus Shredded Chicken
  • Drunken Chicken
  • QQ Tang Hoon
Photo: Bag-A-Belly by SA (Facebook)
Photo: Bag-A-Belly by SA (Facebook)

As a weekend kitchen, Bag-A-Belly takes in orders during the weekdays and weekends and fulfills them on the weekends. “I have customers asking for weekday deliveries however, on weekdays, with my background as a trainer and hands-on therapist, I run a mobile spa, Unknot by S.A., bringing holistic massages to clients’ homes,” Su Ann added.

With many people spending more time at home, she believes her cooking will warm many hearts and the massages will rejuvenate tired bodies and minds.

Must-Try Chinese Home Dishes At Bag-A-Belly

There are some promotional sets available on Bag-A-Belly. Choices include Mei Cai Lovers Set, Lotus Leaf Set, and Meat Lovers Set that come with some side dishes. Plan for a weekend meal with your family, and click right here to start ordering! For more information, check out Bag-A-Belly’s Facebook page.

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