Walking down the streets of Singapore, you will bound to stumble upon ice cream carts that serves delicious ice cream sandwich. Usually, it is a block of ice cream flavour, sandwiched between a loaf of bread. Although the Singaporean staple dessert appears to be pretty simple but is definitely delicious. Recently, a netizen bought an ice cream sandwich, and to his surprise, it comes with a wrapper.

Ice Cream Sandwich With Wrapper Intact

Photo: Almalik Faizal (Twitter)

During Phase 2 Heightened Alert, a Twitter user bought an ice cream sandwich with a wrapper intact. He documented the entire experience on Twitter. As he was pretty surprised that the uncle tucked the ice cream sandwich in a plastic bag with the wrapper intact, he started a conversation. The uncle mentioned that the government does not allow him to remove the wrapper.

Photo: @frandevi_lim (Instagram) | For illustration purposes only.

On top of that, the uncle mentioned that by removing the wrapper, it will be deemed as dining in. The simple Tweet has garnered more than 2,200 Tweets. Other ice cream vendors, such as the famous ice cream cart located at Orchard, had opted for deliveries during this time. It is noted that dining in, and eating on the streets are not allowed as of 14th May.

Dining In Is Not Allowed Since 14th May

Photo: @harrypermana (Instagram) | For illustration purposes only.

At the moment, only takeaways and deliveries are allowed for all food businesses.

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