Singaporeans prefer peppery bak kut teh

Few things hit the spot like a piping hot bowl of bak kut teh (BKT) on a rainy day or late at night when the supper cravings hit. The question of allegiance remains, though: are you on team peppery, or team herbal BKT?

The debate is a longstanding one. Peppery BKT is typically thought of as the Teochew version, and is the more common variant in Singapore. Typically, peppery BKT stars a lighter, clearer soup that’s made from simmering pork bones, white pepper, soya sauce, and garlic for hours.

Herbal BKT, on the other hand, hails from the Hokkien and Cantonese communities, and features a more robust, slightly medicinal broth that’s enhanced with rock sugar and traditional herbs. This version is more popular in Malaysia, but is also available in Singapore. Singaporeans’ love for BKT runs deep, but when asked to pick a side, it turns out there’s a clear winner for the preferred BKT flavour: the peppery version.

We recently ran a poll across‘s articles, asking Singaporeans what their preferred BKT flavour was. The poll was hosted on our sister website, Nearly 300 Singaporeans responded, and the results showed that 42% were on team herbal, while 58% were on team peppery.

The margins are narrow enough, so if you want to show some love for your fave type of BKT, you can cast your vote via our poll below:

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