Have you encountered a person that dislikes salted egg yolk? Indeed, that’s a pretty rare sight. Salted egg yolk is probably one of the best ingredients ever. So much so, we even have a local snack brand dedicated to all things salted egg yolk! If you are up for a full meal, nothing is more satisfying than creamy salted egg chicken. Trust us, it is worth every calorie!

Signature Creamy Salted Egg Chicken With Egg & Rice

Highly raved by many netizens, Jia Yuen Eating House at Crane Road is the go-to eatery to get your creamy salted egg chicken cravings fixed. Specialised in salted egg dishes, the signature dish comes with sides fried egg and fluffy rice by default. So, what’s so special about this dish? It is time to take a deep dive into the salted egg yolk sauce, the crown of this beautiful mess.


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Jia Yuen Eating House’s salted egg yolk sauce is something that you will want to lick off from the plate. The creamy sauce that is constantly described as addictive is a combination of salted egg yolk, different types of milk, curry leaves, and chopped chilli. The sauce is then stir-fried with fried chicken, or fried pork, before serving with fried egg and rice. Wholesome.


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If you are looking for an additional crunch, you can also add with their signature cereal sauce, too. One netizen mentioned that the price per plate was $8 (2020). To match the steep price, the serving size is pretty generous. So, if you love yourself some salted egg yolk sauce, and fried chicken, it is time to make your way to Jia Yuen Eating Hout to get your cravings fixed!

Cravings Satisfied At Jia Yuen Eating House


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Address: 15 Crane Rd, Singapore 429359

Operating Hours: Daily, 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

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Cover Photo: @sh4nzz (Instagram), @itstheben.eats (Instagram).

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