Japanese food and buffet lovers probably gotta fall in for this new contemporary Japanese à la carte buffet restaurant, which looks set to be the next talk-of-the-foodie-town.

SENSHI Sushi & Grill is nestled conveniently in Dorsett Singapore at New Bridge Road – a hotel of short walking distance from Outram Park MRT (Exit H).

The kitchen is helmed by non-other than veteran Chef Martin Woo, Chef Steven Hong and team. Chef Martin has more than 30 years of experience under his belt, consider a stalwart in Singapore’s F&B industry. (You may remember seeing him on television some years back.)

The spacious modern restaurant with natural light soaking in during day time, means “warrior” (戦士) in Japanese. The dining area boosts 115 seats and two private rooms.

In terms of food, there is a broad range of items across more than 10 categories, which includes sashimi, sushi roll, deep-fried items, grilled dishes, handrolls, hot & cold appetisers, desserts and more.

There are also seasonal offerings, and limited ala carte items (additional cost applies) diners can look out for.

For ordering, all you need to do is to scan the QR code, select your preferred dishes, and the items will be freshly prepared ala minute and then sent to your table.

I know, I know… in a buffet, you want to know what will make it worth the money and calories. Here are 15 of SENSHI’s recommendations for you to consider when ordering:

Sashimi Moriawase
Raw fish lovers, make this the must-order in this à la carte buffet. The fishes are freshly imported twice a week from Toyosu and other fish markets in Japan.

Each order of sashimi comes with 3 slices of your preferred choice, which includes Salmon, Yellow Tail (Hamachi), Octopus (Tako), Tuna (Maguro), Sword Fish (Mekajiki), and Cuttlefish (Ika).

If you come in a group and want a variety, then the Sashimi Moriawase is value-for-its-money as something similar would be on the higher range in any Japanese restaurant.

The gloriously thick-cut sashimi pieces include rich creamy salmon, tuna with smooth mouthfeel, and firm and almost crunchy octopus.

My favourite happened to be the clean-tasting, melts-in-the-mouth sword fish for this platter.

Nigiri Sushi
If you prefer sashimi on vinegary rice, then order the Nigiri Sushi.

There are Salmon, Eel, Sword Fish, Shrimp, Yellow Tail, Tuna, Octopus, Egg, Sweet Beancurd, Prawn Roe, and Crab Stick to choose from.

Aburi Nigiri Sushi
Some prefer salmon sushi which is seared as the fish becomes sweeter with a different creamy mouthfeel. The faint smoky aroma of charred flesh can also be appetising.

Comes with two choices of Salmon with Spicy Roe Sauce, or Salmon with Cheese. Just get both?

Tempura Moriawase
To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of tempura in many buffets, because quite a number can be batch-fried. These pieces are freshly-fried and therefore make a difference.

The deep-fried assortment of seafood and vegetables were light and fresh-tasting, remained crisp even when cooled. The prawns were surprisingly crusty-crisp. I would order this again.

Baked Potato and Onion with Spicy Taramasalata
This is your baked cubed potatoes and cheese mentaiko in a pan. MUST eat this hot to better experience the cheese-pull and rich creaminess.

The soft spuds are also a satisfying treat. However, I wished the pan could be smaller as finishing this up could feel rather rich and heavy (leaving less space for others).

Grilled Fish Head
There are people who will tell you that the salmon head is the tastiest part of that fish. Apparently, quite popular with diners here.

Sea Clams Butter Monte with Herbs & Sake Mirin
Asari clams sautéed with sake, garlic and mirin. Pretty straight forward dish.

Salmon Mentaiko Sushi Roll
Maki roll stuffed with kani stick, tamago egg and cucumber, topped with salmon aburi-ed with mentaiko sauce for a touch of spiciness.

There are also choices of California Maki, Ebi Fry Maki, and Futo Maki.

Sweet Egg Omelette with Mentaiko Sauce
Tamago strips topped with spicy cod roe sauce then seared.

Temaki Handrolls
Hand-rolled sushi filled with ‘California’ ingredients, Softshell Crab, or Prawn and Sweet Egg.

Maze Ramen
Dry men with wakame (Japanese seaweed), Naruto maki (fish egg), and spicy minced chicken.

Break the onsen egg and give it a good mix (like BCM) to add more oomph and stickiness to the combination. (Wishing they have a soup version as well, as I think the spread can include some soupy dishes.)

Garlic Fried Rice
Chahan fried with egg, minced garlic, garlic infused oil and topped with garlic bits to further flavour the rice.

Chicken Mid-Wings
Tebasaki Shio or grilled chicken wings marinated with salt, sake, then grilled. After which, the wings are topped with shasho pepper for light tongue-numbing tingle. I was more indifferent to this and may have preferred a teriyaki version.

Beef In Yakiniku Sauce
USDA beef tenderloin sauteed in yakiniku and peppercorn sauce.

Mango Passion Layer Cake with Soft Serve
Loved the smooth, not-icy Soft Serve, though the cake was to the generic side.

Dessert wise, there are also sweet treats of Hokkaido Cheese Cake with Soft Serve, Red Bean Rice Cake with Soft Serve, Greentea Rice Cake with Soft Serve, Mango Passion Layer Cake and Fresh Cut Melon Fruits.

As the seasons change, SENSHI will also tweak its menu to feature new dishes that showcase seasonal ingredients from Japan and reflect the mood of the changing times.

If you are up for more premium ala carte food outside the buffet menu, there are indulgent items of King Rock Lobster Gratinated In Hollandaise Miso ($110++), Charcoal Grilled Sustainable Barramundi ($22.90++), and Miyazaki Wagyu A5 Ribeye with Ponzu ($64.80++) cooked under 400 degree fire.

SENSHI’s all-you-can-eat Ala Carte Buffet Pricing
Lunch: $38++ per adult, $25++ per child (7 to 12 years old)
Dinner: $48++ per adult, $35++ per child
Children below 6 years old dines for free.

MUM DINES FREE with every 3 paying adults at SENSHI
To celebrate its opening and the upcoming Mother’s Day, enjoy this attractive till 31 May where mum gets to dine FREE with every 3 paying adults for SENSHI’s all-you-can-eat Ala Carte Buffet.

This promotion is valid for dine-in only. Reservations recommended, please call +65 6970 1899.

SENSHI Sushi & Grill
Dorsett Singapore, 333 New Bridge Road, Singapore 088765
Tel: +65 6970 1899
Opening Hours: Lunch 11:30am – 3pm Last order 2:30pm, Dinner 6pm – 10pm Last order 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with SENSHI.

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