scones et beurre

Scones et Beurre

And once again, we’re back to P2HA, with staying home and WFH returning as the default for most of us. So it’s with good reason that we seek comfort in ordering indulgent treats to give ourselves some cheer. Scones et Beurre is one option that you might consider, if you’ve been dreaming of the clotted cream and scones life at high tea spots like The Muffin Man Tea Shop in London.

scones et beurre - pandan & longan, bak kwa & pork floss 3Image credit: @iris.nihao

Unlike the traditional English scone, however, Scones et Beurre gives theirs a very local, very Asian spin. Expect flavours such as Thai Tea, Walnut & White Chocolate, Pandan & Dried Longan, Dark Chocolate & Miso, and even a Bak Kwa & Pork Floss scone. If some of these seem familiar, it might be because you’ve seen them at Kizuna Cafe, with which they have an ongoing collaboration.

A different set of flavours is released each month, made by hand in small batches with premium French butter, and French heavy cream by local baker Elaine Ng, who most recently spent time as the Pastry Sous Chef at La Dame de Pic in Raffles Hotel. They’re said to be super buttery and crumbly, best eaten warm.

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Each month’s release has both sweet, and savoury scones, priced at $4 each. There’s a minimum order of four pieces for a single flavour, and six scones if you would like to pick two flavours. For boxes of eight scones, you can opt for three to four flavours!

scones et beurre - taro coconut sconeImage credit: @kizunasg

The Taro Coconut scone was one of June’s flavour drops, which we hope will see a return in the near future. It’s prepared with a taro cream infusion that takes two days to make, and is filled with shredded coconut, and diced yam—aka an orh nee scone.

scones et beurre - nasi lemak sconeImage credit: @fooddsg

We were also intrigued by the Nasi Lemak and Cereal Prawn scones, the former baked with pandan-infused coconut cream and Lee Wee Brothers’ ikan bilis and peanuts, served with nasi lemak sambal on the side.

scones et beurre - cereal prawn sconeImage credit: @scones.etbeurre

The latter features house-made prawn oil, and comes with a sakura ebi-cereal topping for you to top the scone with.

Islandwide delivery is available on weekends, with rates ranging between $3 and $10, depending on the location. Weekday deliveries are only available on request. Otherwise, you can opt for self-collection in Sengkang.

Do note that Scones et Beurre is currently on a break till 31 July, but flavours and slots for August will be released on 25 July! Keep an eye on the Scones et Beurre Instagram page, and place your orders by dropping them a DM.

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