Traditional kueh is a staple snack in Singapore. Whenever our family heads down to the morning market and comes back with these colourful treats, they will be gone in less than a couple of minutes! With so many types of traditional kueh, there are bound to be some that become our favourite snacks. If you are a fan of ang ku kueh, you will need to check out this outlet in Bugis!

Rainbow Stripes & Pastel Colours Ang Ku Kueh


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Ang ku kueh, also known as red tortoise cake, is a round or oval-shaped Chinese kueh made with glutinous rice flour skin. In the center of it all, there is a sweet filling. So, why is it called red tortoise cake? That’s because the mold resembles the shell of a tortoise, and it is presented resting on a banana leaf. As the name suggested, ang ku kueh is normally red in colour!

But, Ji Xiang Confectionery has switched it up, but you have to wait for the reveal. Located in Everton Park, Ji Xiang Confectionery now has another location in Bugis. Famous among the locals, Ji Xiang Confectionery’s ang ku kueh is notable for having soft and chewy skin, with a generous amount of fillings. Some of the choices of fillings include peanut, sweet bean, salted bean, corn, coconut, and yam.


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All of these wonderful kuehs are affordably priced at $1. Aside from the spectacular choices of fillings, Ji Xiang Confectionery’s rainbow skin caught our attention, too. Ji Xiang Confectionery makes ang ku kueh with rainbow stripes. A real beauty, the colourful rainbow stripes look amazing with the intricate design of the mold. Apart from this, pastel ang ku kuehs are also available at Ji Xiang Confectionery.


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Do take note that Rainbow ang ku kuehs and other types of customisations are available for pre-order only for parties and events. This is exclusively available for their outlet located in Bugis. In the meantime, while waiting for the right time to host a party, make your way to Ji Xiang Confectionery to try out all the wonderful fillings it has to offer! What are you going to try first?

Find It At Ji Xiang Confectionery In Everton Park & Bugis

Address: 235 Victoria St, Singapore 188027

Operating Hours: Daily, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Cover Photo: @jixiangconfectionery (Instagram), @cherries8 (Instagram).

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