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Rachelrax Cakes was a home baking business that first made waves with their galaxy-glazed dome cakes, looking as though they’re plucked straight out of the night sky. Recently, the brand has opened a takeaway store in Serangoon, with a menu that rotates on a weekly basis. While their bakes are available for walk-in sales, we recommend making a preorder as these sell out rather quickly.

This Home Baker Has Galaxy Mooncakes With Orh Nee And Durian Fillings

Food at Rachelrax Cakes

rachelrax cakes galaxy dome

We ordered an assortment of three tarts and two entremets. First up was the Galaxy Glazed Dome ($8.70). The glaze was a dark, shiny navy, flecked with white to mimic stars in the sky, and strokes of blue and purple to replicate cosmic dust. 

This dome is made with a chocolate sponge, dark chocolate mousse, and a hazelnut chocolate feuilletine base. The mousse was smooth like butter, while the feuilletine brought an element of crunch to the cake. Though it didn’t blow my mind, I liked how this wasn’t overly sweet, with a rich cocoa flavour, and bitter notes from the dark chocolate.

chamomile cheesecake rachelrax cakes

My colleague is an ardent fan of cheesecakes, so we had to get the Chamomile Cheesecake ($8.90). Chamomile-infused cream cheese sits atop an almond hazelnut crumble base, dressed with a candied orange slice.

The cream cheese felt whipped and airy, laced with a chamomile fragrance. This contrasted well against the crumble base, which reminded me of granola. Meanwhile, the candied orange brought a sweetness that I personally felt tasted a little herbal. This dessert was also rather light overall, so if you’re looking for a decadent cheesecake, this isn’t for you.

speculoos tart rachelrax cakes

Equally pleasing to the eye was Rachelrax Cakes’ selection of tarts. We began with the Speculoos Cookie Tart ($8.50), which came dusted with crumbled lotus biscuits.

Here, they nailed the Speculoos filling—the cinnamon flavour was pronounced, with a hint of saltiness to balance the sweet cookie butter. Meanwhile, the crumbled Lotus biscuits enhanced the flavour of the Speculoos filling. I also liked that the tart was sufficiently firm to hold the creamy filling.

orh nee tart rachelrax cakes

As a Teochew, I’m slightly obsessed with orh nee desserts, so I was excited to try the Orh Nee Tart ($8.90). Here, the orh nee is made with coconut cream, then topped with a gingko nut.

I liked how the filling retained a slight savouriness, true to a traditional orh nee dessert. However, the yam flavour wasn’t as pronounced as I’d have liked. I also wished they had added more gingko nuts, as the bitter notes of the nuts cut through the coconutty richness of the orh nee.

lychee rose tart rachelrax cakes

We rounded off our sweets with the Lychee Rose Tart ($8.50). Visually, I felt that this was the most stunning—the tart is filled with a sweet pink rose-flavoured panna cotta, then embellished with lychee popping boba pearls and dried rose petals.

I’m not the biggest fan of bandung, so I found the panna cotta overly sweet, as most rose-flavoured desserts tend to be. However, I enjoyed the lychee popping boba, which burst in lychee-flavoured explosions in my mouth, complementing the panna cotta.

Ambience at Rachelrax Cakes

ambience rachelrax cakes

It’s a pity that Rachelrax Cakes does not have a dine-in area, as the interior is gorgeous—decked in hues of pink, pots of botany, and rounded edges. Their branding is also on point, with the trademark Rachelrax logo looking right out of a fancy children’s picture book.

Location-wise, this bakery is rather ulu, accessible via a ten-minute walk from Serangoon MRT Station. If you’re not up for walking, there’s also a delivery option available.

The verdict

While Rachelrax Cakes scores excellently on the aesthetic front, I feel like the flavours can be a hit or miss. Prices also lean towards the steeper end, so I’ll think twice about coming back to grab another tart. Still, I enjoyed the Speculoos tart and galaxy-glazed dome cake. The visuals are also definitely worth documenting for the ‘gram. If IG-worthy desserts are your thing, be sure to give them a shot. 

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Address: 12 Lim Tua Kow Road, Singapore 547735
Opening hours: Thurs-Sun 12pm to 8pm
Tel: 6988 0536
Rachelrax Cakes is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Syamira Rohaizad.
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