If you are feelin’ you need a travel to Spain but unfortunately can’t, you can still get a delicioso Spanish cuisine experience at Pura Brasa.

Pura Brasa is a Spanish concept originating from the colourful Barcelona, and this is reflected in its food offerings.

The other special element is that the restaurant brand is created by Josper, the internationally recognised brand of charcoal ovens – which is also used by many Michelin-starred restaurants and celebrity chefs.

This outlet which is the first in Singapore and the brand’s first overseas outpost, is located at Guoco Tower directly above Tanjong Pagar MRT station.

Enjoy Spanish-inspired tapas and mains in this 120-seater modern venue, ideal for small, intimate gatherings with family and friends.

The brand is all about combining top-quality ingredients, modern cooking technologies and a relaxing ambiance.

They offer a variety of cooked-to-order dishes from salads to burgers, fish and meat – all with that distinct grilled flavour. Its varied menu also includes options for vegetarians and veggie lovers.

If you are undecided at what to get, some of its best-selling items include Spanish Omelette ($16), Grilled Mussels ($25), Jamon Iberico ($38), Mediterranean Nachos ($15), Grilled Black Codfish with Mushroom Ragout ($34), Spanish Pork Ribs ($45), Spanish Suckling Pig ($70) to even Wagyu Tomahawk Steak ($18 for 100g).

Best paired with some refreshing Sangria Gls with red or white wine.

Here’s more on Pura Brasa’s NEW and signature dishes:

Squid Ink Paella with Hokkaido Uni ($68)
Spanish dining won’t be complete with Paella. Pura Brasa takes the traditional rice dish and makes it extra indulgent by adding uni (sea urchin) specially flown in from Hokkaido.

The dish begins with a flavourful prawn stock cooked in a casserole. Into it comes the paella base – a mix of plump bomba rice and squid ink.

The paella is grilled in a wood-fired Josper charcoal oven, then topped with tiger prawns, and dollops of fresh uni.

Loaded with Mediterranean flavours, take one mouthful of the plump grains and you get that burst of smoky seafood flavours absorbed within – can be hard to stop once you start.

What you would call a deep-sea-flavour-on-a-plate dish.

Charcoal Seafood Paella by Josper ($36 for small, $55 for big)
This iconic Spanish dish of Charcoal Seafood Paella is topped with Australian mussels and tiger prawns grilled using the signature Josper oven.

The paella base combines bomba rice grains and prawns with aromatics like garlic, onion, red capsicum and seasoned with tomato, and olive oil.

Together, they are added to a flavourful prawn stock to simmer until the rice is cooked, which has good depth of flavours.

Patatas Bravas with Hokkaido Uni ($16)
The traditional Spanish patatas bravas (which means “spicy potatoes”) is transformed as they are served not just as cubes but actually made up of layers of thinly sliced potatoes. While you may not be able to see it from the naked eye, you can feel that difference when you pop one into the mouth.

Deep-fried in olive oil, the blocks’ edges turn crisp and golden.

And instead of the usual spicy sauce, it is elevated with a topping of creamy uni especially air-flown from Hokkaido, for that added indulgence.

Hokkaido Uni Cream Croquette ($10 for 2 pcs)
Savour this one or two-biter croquette, made of potatoes turned into a fluffy mash.

Deep-fried ‘til it forms a crunchy exterior, the croquette (from French croquer, i.e. “to crunch”) is made extra special with a soft filling of Hokkaido-sourced sea urchin.

This gives the soft, creamed potato that bright orange colour, slightly gooey filling, and distinct sea urchin flavour.

Josper-grilled Scallop with Caviar ($36)
Indulge in a luxe seafood tapa with a taste of Josper-grilled scallops. Fresh, plump scallops are seared to a golden-brown finish, cooked with precision to avoid overcooking.

The smoky aroma of grilled scallops is heightened with an exceptional topping of 100% natural, premium Belgian Osietra caviar – known for its pleasant mouthfeel with salty and typical nutty flavour followed by touches of minerals.

The briny flavour of the salt-cured roe adds a delightful hint of ocean flavour.

Served plated with a tangy cream sauce sprinkled with microgreens.

Catalan-style Suquet de Peix ($36)
Suquet de Peix is a traditional Catalan potato-based seafood stew which began as a fisherman meal using leftover catch.

Today, the seafood stew has reached restaurant status using premium ingredients.

Pura Brasa’s rendition makes use of chunks of red snapper, mussels and tiger prawns. Combined together in an aromatic Picada sauce, they form a unique blend of seafood flavours for the stew.

While the ingredients are simple, the traditional Catalan sauce plays a key role here. Made from a blend of toasted nuts, fried bread, garlic and chili powder, the Picada sauce brings out the dish’s distinct taste and aroma.

Grilled Octopus Leg with Potato Truffle Puree ($36)
Complement your food with Grilled Octopus Leg, made with a large and tender octopus leg marinated in olive oil and garlic.

Also grilled over charcoals in the Josper oven, the leg’s outer part turns smoky charred and a bit crispy. Served with a potato truffle puree for added aroma and a dash of smoked paprika powder.

Pura Brasa
5 Wallich Street #01-16, Guoco Tower Singapore 078883
Tel: +65 6386 9678
Opening Hours: 12pm – 11pm (Mon – Sun)
Island-wide delivery: https://purabrasa.oddle.me/en_SG

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Pura Brasa.

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