This Burger and Nasi Lemak joint has nothing to do with Pablo Escobar, and does not sell any Latin-American food, even though you see his face prominently on the logo.

Located at the sleepy side of Queenstown at Stirling Road, the shop is found at a block of flats next to Queenstown Swimming Complex. May attract MDIS students (and lecturers) over if they are bored with canteen food.

You may not expect Burger and Nasi Lemak coming together, but this is all there is on the menu. Plus wings, if you count that.

As the Nasi Lemak was sold out just moments I went down and pre-orders “are full”, I made my way to the shop to do takeaways.

Fortunately I was the first customer in line, because just 4 or 5 pax after me, the wait would be anything between 45 minutes to more than an hour. Still, I needed to hang around for about half an hour for two burgers.

The menu was long and detailed, and some customers needed to take closer looks to examine the difference.

To streamline, the items are Chicken Burger ($5.50, $7, $8.50), Beef Burger ($6, $8, $10), Nasi Lemak ($4.50 and $5.50), and Crispy Chicken Wings ($5 for 5 pc).

Named “Sicario”, “Kingpin” and “Cartel”, the various categories would mean double or triple patty respectively, along with doubled smoked cheddar cheese.

A set included with fries and drink (Iced Lemon Tea or Coke Zero) are at $2 extra.

No pork or lard is used in the cooking.

Customers have a choice of salsa, guacamole or Jalapeno cheese sauces within their burgers. These are from generic jars and not made in-house though.

As the store is still getting a hang-of-things, they had to frequently and repeatedly ask customers what sauce they would like.

Slightly confusing for both ends, though there is nothing colour-coded stickers on their takeaway boxes won’t solve.

Surprisingly, the Chicken Burger was my favourite between the two. The chicken was minced into soft and tender patties and had hints of lemongrass and other spices.

The bread which is sourced from artisanal bakery Bakery Brera with a pleasant crisp on the outside, and fluffy bready texture.

The Beef burger is includes housemade 120g Brazilian patty, with a sliced of smoked cheddar cheese and tomato.

Not that the Beef Burger was any bad, it just lacked the juiciness and robust flavours that would bring this to the next level.

A pity the fries were on the normal side. I think they can afford to be spunkier like its name. But I am not complaining much because of all the new burger joints, their price-point is on the friendlier side.

Pablo’s Kitchen
49 Stirling Road, #01-487, Singapore 141049
Opening Hours: 11am – 8:30pm (Tues – Sun), Closed Mon

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