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Overrun has been around since 2015, but the hype remains strong with this ice cream parlour for their rotating menu of special weekly flavours. The Muslim-owned cafe in Baghdad Street opens from Tuesday to Sunday, but often sells out before the end of day.

overrun sg ice cream honeydew sago
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Recently. they have released a Honeydew Sago flavour that is available for the week, priced at $8 a cup. Each serving comes with honeydew melon ice cream with sago on the side, a coconut milk sauce, and melon bits.

milo dinosaur overrun sg
Image credit: Overrun SG

Other seasonal goodies have included the likes of a Milo Dinosaur ice cream, where Milo soft serve meets Milo sauce and cereal as toppings. Fans have also clamoured over their Triple Banana Biscoff, Cotton Candy, and Bubblegum soft serves.

bubblegum ice cream overrun sg
Image credit: Overrun SG

While the seasonal specials are typically the highlight at Overrun, the cafe also has regular desserts that can be ordered week-long. Their Overrun Chendol ($8) is a hot favourite, a twist on the local dessert with chendol flavoured ice cream, gula melaka sauce, and pandan jelly to top the cup. If you prefer your desserts with a side of durian, then get yourself their Durian Chendol ($8), made with the same ingredients as their regular chendol ice cream, but topped up with a mound of durian puree.

overrun sg
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Those who prefer to enjoy their ice cream in the comforts of their own home can purchase pints of the ice cream in-stores, or order them for delivery. Prices start from $12 for a 16oz pint, and you can get their Chendol, Durian Chendol, as well as their seasonal flavours by ordering via the Overrun order form.

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Address: 18 Baghdad Street, Singapore 199657
Opening hours: Tue-Thurs 12pm to 8:30pm, Fri-Sat 12pm to 10pm, Sun 12pm to 6pm, or sold out

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