Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich

The elusive Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich ($3.30) has finally made its return, now available islandwide. Fans of this sweet treat can find them in major supermarkets, and provision shops with a Nestle ice cream freezer.

oreo ice cream sandwich
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For those uninitiated to the Oreo ice cream sandwich, this dessert sees a vanilla ice cream base speckled with cookie crumbs, sandwiched between two large Oreo biscuits. Those who love this ice cream sandwich, me included, enjoy the grittiness of the cookie crumbs within. It’s not your typical Cookies And Cream ice cream, as the generosity of the cookie crumbs creates a pronounced Oreo flavour.

bar oreo ice cream sandwich

If ice cream sandwiches aren’t your thing, consider the Oreo Ice Cream Bar ($3), with Oreo ice cream encased within an Oreo shell. This is reminiscent of the Magnum ice cream bar Singaporeans know and love.

cone oreo ice cream sandwich
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There’s also the Oreo Ice Cream Cone ($2.20), my personal favourite of their ice cream series. This sees Oreo ice cream atop an Oreo cone, dressed with crushed Oreo biscuits.

If these ice cream selections aren’t enough to satisfy your love for Oreo, consider having them in cereal form, with the Post Oreo O’s ($12.50). This cereal comprises Oreo rings and marshmallows, popularised in South Korea a few years ago. Having these with milk amplifies the pleasure of dunking your Oreo biscuits in milk the usual way.

For more ice cream-related goodness, check out Texas Chicken’s new Chendol ice cream, alongside the return of their sambal fried chicken rice. There’s also McDonald’s new gula melaka ice cream selections, including the gula melaka soft serve cone, sundae, and McFlurry.

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Otherwise, if you’re interested in knowing what other unique Oreo snacks exist, we have curated a list of 10 unique Oreo creations. These include delights like Oreo yoghurt, Oreo mooncakes, and more!

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