Zi Char for 5 pax and more, with FREE Delivery?

If you are looking for some meal catering during this Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) where no-dine-in allowed, On & On Diners established in 2009 can be one of your considerations.

Plus, it is also Halal-certified.

The caterer has a focus on traditional local recipes cooked with quality ingredients. What is good about their Mini Buffet is that there is no elaborate set-up required, and food is served in disposable trays with full set of cutlery and wares. Very convenient.

They have newly introduced a “Zi Char Mini Buffet” suitable for 5 pax, which includes 9 courses. A rather filling meal with extensive selection I must say, good for families of 5 pax and above.

Priced at $88, this works out to be $17.60 ($18.83 with GST) per pax for a 9-course meal.

Plus, use promo code “DFDPHS2” when you place your orders to receive FREE Delivery (till 30 June 2021).

Click here for the full menu: https://www.onandon.sg/mini-buffet/oriental-char-mini-buffet-p-209.html (There is also a WhatsApp +65 9828 3292 for urgent deliveries within 3 hours.)

Here’s how it works: take your pick of rice, noodles, vegetable & tofu, chicken, fish, two side dishes and dessert. Here are 9 of the recommended “Zi Char Mini Buffet” dishes:

Golden Sand Shrimp Fried Rice with Roe (Rice)
The golden sand fried rice came with generous amount of ebiko (flying fish roe) and shrimps, stir-fried lala (clams) and chopped spring onion.

Each grain of rice is evenly coated with liquid eggs before frying, giving it a light and fragrant aroma with a golden yellow outlook.

The fried rice also has the right amount of fluffiness, without being too wet or dry.

Even if you are a Fried Rice connoisseur like Uncle Roger, there are enough options to pick from including Wok Fried Salted Fish Fried Rice, XO Fried Rice with Lap Cheong, Kam Hiong Smoked Duck Fried Rice, and Fragrant Olive Fried Rice with Baby Shrimps.

San Lou Bee Hoon with Seafood (Noodle)
San Lou Bee Hoon is known to originate from a three-storey building in Johor Baru and thus the name in Mandarin.

While we cannot really travel to JB now, we can still get a feel of it from this San Lou Bee Hoon with Seafood.

The version here has a moister texture with a seafood sauce base, topped with shrimps, stir-fried lala (clams), spring onion and beansprout for the extra crunch.

If you prefer something that is not bee hoon, other enjoyable choices are Wok Fried Sefood Hokkien Noodles, Signature Laksa Lemak Goreng, Cantonese Braised Ee Fu Noodles, Wok Fried Seafood Mee Goreng Mamak Style, Stir Fried Hong Kong Noodles, to even Teochew Style Cai Poh Kway Teow.

Szechuan Ma Po Egg Tofu (Vegetable & Tofu)
Unlike the usual usual Szechuan Ma Po Tofu that we are familiar with that is drenched in red chili oil, the version here has a more subtle spiciness kick, yet packed with distinctive fiery notes that lingers in the mouth.

Topped with chopped button mushrooms, spring onions, sliced chili with fluffy egg in the ma po gravy, it compliments perfectly with the portion of Fried Rice.

Australian Broccoli with Mushrooms (Vegetable & Tofu)
The Australian broccoli came in a dense shade of lush green, soaked in a thick, brown and savoury sauce before topping with braised mushrooms for extra indulgence.

A simple and delicious sauteed mushrooms with soft broccoli dish to pile on any fried rice or noodles.

If you prefer other styles of greens, other popular selection are Homemade Hong Shao Veggie Seafood Tofu, Spinach with Trio of Egg in Superior Stock, Wok Fried Baby Kailan with Minced Garlic, and Assam Beancurd with Pineapples.

Signature Nanyang Curry Chicken with Potatoes (Chicken)
When it came to chicken, it was tough to pick between Wok-Fried Szechuan Gong Bao Chicken, Prawn Paste Wings, Herbal Chicken with Wolfberries, and Chicken Rendang.

But I went with the recommended Nanyang Curry Chicken.

Infused with coconut milk and spices, the curry was rich and creamy, slightly spicy and lemak with chunks of chicken and potato cubes within.

Buttery Salted Egg Yolk Fish (Fish)
The Buttery Salted Egg Yolk Fish was the show stopper, coated with thick, grainy salted egg yolk batter that added a creamy bite with a hint of spiciness due to the addition of chilli padi.

The haddock fish was thick and creamy, whereas the laksa leaves added a light crisp to the overall textures.

If your family prefer other styles of fish, select from Superior Soya Sauce Tossed Fish, Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish, Malaysia Style Creamy Buttery Fish, or Nonya Assam Fish with Seasonal Green.

Grilled Chicken Satay & Otah Set (Side Dish)
Ever think of having barbecued grilled food in your buffet set?

The Grilled Chicken Satay & Otah Set came with satay sauce for dipping and cucumbers with onions as sides.

Sink your teeth into the succulent grilled satay and otah with a hint of charred and smokiness.

Golden Thai Style Katsu Bun with Thai Chili
Sandwiched between the golden-brown crispy fried mantou is a slice of crunchy Katsu with a crispy outlet layer.

Dp it into the appetising Thai chilli sauce to add an aroi mak mak sweet and spicy kick.

If not, you can also pick the Golden Otah Bun with Mayo.

Chilled Ai Yu Jelly with Fruit Cocktail (Dessert)
End the meal with a bucket of fruit cocktail filled with bits of peaches and pineapples that is chilled and refreshing.

The highlight was the generous amount of ai you jelly added, with a smooth and wobbly texture that was mildly sweet.

Other throat-soothing desserts in this category are Chilled Cheng Teng, Chill Almond Jelly with Longan, and Chilled Grass Jelly & Longan.

Additional notes:
– Orders are taken on a first come first serve basis.
– Full payment must be paid within 2 days prior to delivery date.
– Payment via Bank Transfer or PayPal.
– Food will be served in disposable trays with full set of disposable wares.
– Delivery timings may differ from 25 – 35 min due to traffic or bad weather.

Use promo code “DFDPHS2” when you place your orders for FREE Delivery (till 30 June 2021).

For more information on the various catering packages, head over to https://www.onandon.sg

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* This entry is brought to you in partnership with On & On Diners. Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape.

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