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Desserts are my weakness, so I was pumped to visit Okada Coffee And Sweets, ready to plough through their sweets-centric menu. Tucked behind the charming streets of Katong, this Japanese-inspired cafe is also known for its coffee, perfect for a coffee-lover like me.

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Food at Okada Coffee And Sweets

We started the meal with their signature Coffee Jelly With Ice Cream ($5.50). This dark-coloured jelly was served in a glass cup, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

coffee jelly at okada coffee and sweets

Being a caffeine addict, this dessert was really up my alley, as the jelly dissolved in my mouth with a strong coffee flavour. Any lingering bitterness was cut by the sweet vanilla ice cream, resulting in a well-balanced bite.

After the success of the coffee jelly, I was disappointed by their house-made Pillow Cake ($4). At first glance, this cake greeted me with an airy, sponge-like texture that reminded me of bread, nothing like the fluffy chiffon cake I was expecting. 

okada coffee and sweets pilow cake

Taking a bite confirmed its appearance, as the pillow cake felt dry, much like stale bread. Flavour-wise, it was mildly sweet, with hints of butter and brown sugar, elevated by the accompanying cream.

We moved on to the Mont Blanc ($8), which sported swirls of brown-coloured chestnut cream atop a firm tart base, embellished with white sugar pearls.

mont blanc at okada coffee and sweets

This came with puffs of whipped cream and chestnut bits within, visible only after we dissected the tart. The cream felt surprisingly light. However, the chestnut flavour was very subtle, mostly obscured by an artificial sweetness. Meanwhile, the tart base was difficult to cut through, and too hard for my liking.

The last of our sweets was the Matcha Red Bean Cake ($6.40), layered with matcha sponge, matcha cream, and red bean paste.

matcha red bean cake at okada coffee and sweets

While the sponge cake felt dry, the matcha flavour was distinct, bringing a nutty fragrance and slight bitterness to the dessert. I also enjoyed the red bean paste, which complemented the matcha well.

To wash everything down, my colleague and I opted for the IG-worthy Iced Sweet Potato Latte ($7.70). This drink was topped with a cloud of whipped cream and sweet potato powder. We were particularly intrigued by its ombre palette of purples.

sweet potato latte okada coffee and sweets

At first sip, I felt confused by the maltiness of the drink, as it reminded me of Horlicks. Slowly, I began to discern the earthy flavours of Japanese sweet potato, elevated by the thick consistency of the latte. While the earthiness of the sweet potato was slightly off-putting, I appreciated how the drink didn’t taste overly sweet.

Ambience at Okada Coffee And Sweets

Okada Coffee And Sweets felt very rustic, decorated with Japanese trinkets in its nooks and crannies. Here, there are also Japanese snacks, ingredients, and beverages available for purchase. Meanwhile, Disney instrumentals blasting over the speakers added to the whimsy of the place.

okada coffee and sweets ambience

Hidden behind Katong, this cafe isn’t very convenient to get to, requiring a 10-minute bus ride from Dakota MRT Station.

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The verdict

verdict okada coffee and sweets

Apart from the coffee jelly, I felt that the desserts at Okada Coffee And Sweets mostly missed their mark, especially in terms of texture. Coupled with its inconvenient location, I don’t see myself travelling all the way here for another meal. It still makes for a decent pit stop if you’re in the area, and I’m intrigued to try their other coffee-based beverages if I do return.

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Address: 153 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427431
Opening hours: Tues-Fri, Sun 10am to 5pm. Sat 10am to 9pm
Tel: 6282 3725
Okada Coffee And Sweets is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Syamira Rohaizad.
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