Whenever we are at the food court, we are always looking for some nibbles to bring home. While some of us will be searching for some nyonya kueh, others may opt for some baked goods. When you are in Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre, it is a must to drop by the old-school bakery. When you’re in Golden Mile Food Centre, you can’t leave without visiting Mr Baguette.

Must-Try Baguette Stall At Golden Mile Food Centre


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Golden Mile Food Centre is the home to good food, including the one that we are about to introduce. Mr Baguette makes baguettes like no other. The usual French loaf is long and narrow. But, Mr Baguette’s version is shaped like a bun, with fillings inside! Rest assured that it retains the baguette texture, a little bit crusty on the outside, and it is soft towards the middle.


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People will flock to Mr Baguette to bring home a box full of these beautiful buns. While there are many bakeries that pay homage to local flavours, Mr Baguette took another route. It appears to have western flavours than the locals (if any). Some of the interesting choices of buns are Peach Aloe Vera, Cherry Cranberry, Salted Caramel, Orange Pomelo, Tiramisu Lava, and even Cheese Lava. There are more flavours to choose from!


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Many loved their lava buns. Cutting it cross-section, you will notice that Mr Baguette is generous with its filling. The ratio of bun and fillings is equal! Going home with a box of six pieces is priced at $11. These are the perfect little treats to bring home to the family. Have you tried these baguettes from Golden Mile Food Centre before? Let us know in the comments!

What Flavours Are You Going To Try?

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