Miso Salmon, Singapore’s first authentic Inaniwa Udon specialty restaurant, has officially unveiled its concept at Tanjong Pagar area.

It is found along Peck Seah Street, the same stretch as Whole Earth, Teppanyaki Hamburg Nihonbashi Keisuke Bettei, Itaewon Jjajang and Fat Prince – a short walking distance from Tanjong Pagart MRT Station.

This Japanese eatery offers quality yet affordable comfort food with casual vibes and ample space.

The menu revolves around Inaniwa Udon, one of the ‘Three Greatest Udon in Japan’. Inaniwa Udon was born in Inaniwa, Akita Prefecture, using a repeated kneading process. This makes the udon slender, smooth and chewy.

To keep it authentic and premium, they only use Inaniwa udon specially imported from Japan.

Most Japanese restaurants in Singapore serve up the Sanuki style of udon characterised by its square shape and flat edges with chewy texture. So this is something different.

As its name denotes, miso and salmon play key roles here. Miso, a traditional Japanese fermented seasoning paste, is blended with vegetable stock to enhance flavours in each bowl.

Salmon is infused with a secret concoction and poached rather than boiled to maintain the succulent texture.

Customers can “build Your Own Bowl” and explore Miso Salmon’s six different flavours of miso soup – Original, Garlic, Spicy, Sesame, Truffle or Fish Collagen.

You can customise by choosing your noodles, soup base, mains, and add ons. Or conveniently choose from a pre-designed selection of Specialties and Premium bowls.

Here are the recommended items at Miso Salmon:

Fish Collagen Miso Bowl ($17)
Begin with a house speciality featuring a bowl of Inaniwa udon in a fish collagen miso soup. (You can also choose Shirataki noodles, but more on that later.)

These thin, chewy, silky-smooth noodles are topped with tender steaks of poached salmon – its pink Omega-3 acid-rich flesh delicate and succulent.

I generally liked their Inaniwa Udon which was long and thin, with a chewy yet silky-smooth texture. Also, the noodles were easy on the throat and do not feel that filling overall.

They are flanked with tofu cubes, sweet corn, soft yolk egg, and spring onions.

Not only is this bowl filling; it also nourishes your skin thanks to fish collagen. (The smallest among other forms of collagen, this Type 1 collagen is the easiest one to absorb by the body. And so it helps delay signs of aging and supposedly boosts your inner glow.)

Seafood Miso Bowl ($19)
If you love noodles but you are keeping your calories at bay, go for the Seafood Miso Bowl with Shirataki noodles.

Made from glucomannan, a dietary fibre from konjac root, Shirataki is also called Konjac or Miracle noodles for they are very low in calories yet high in fibre.

These long, chewy strands are topped with tofu and a medley of sea-centric items – salmon, boiled Japanese scallops, Asari clams, wakame seaweed, and Japanese fish cake.

A light yet flavourful meat ideal for a lean diet. Fills up your tummy yet make you feel satisfied longer and eat less.

Truffle Miso Bowl ($17)
Another specialty bowl, Truffle Miso Udon comes with slices of salmon, large chunks of tofu, steamed broccoli, Shimeji mushrooms, spring onions, and truffle paste.

Savour the rich broth made with Shiro miso blended with a unique vegetable stock. I only thought that the soup could have been served more steaming hot for greater satisfaction.

Packed in umami flavours, this bowl is a showcase of the traditional Japanese fermented seasoning paste. Delicious-meets-nutritious.

Unagi Bowl ($19)
From soups, switch over to premium dry bowls like Unagi ($19), Tiger Prawn with Mentaiko ($19), and Scallop with Truffle ($19).

Unagi lovers will relish this dry bowl showcasing grilled unagi, onsen egg, shredded nori, cherry tomatoes, broccoli and spring onions. Give it a good toss, and savour the teriyaki sauced mixed noodles with sweetish flavours.

Tiger Prawn with Mentaiko Bowl ($19)
Feast your eyes and palate on the colours and flavours of this bowl of white udon, topped with orange-tinged Tiger prawns, mentaiko, and tobiko side-by-side with green broccoli, red cherry tomatoes, and dark green shredded nori.

Comes with an onsen egg sprinkled with chopped spring onions.

Aburi Salmon Mentai with Edamame Don ($15)
Apart from soup and dry udon specialties, Miso Salmon offers donburis made with Akita Komachi rice.

This premium rice is cultivated in Akita Prefecture and has a light, fragrant taste and soft, sticky texture.

Try the hearty Aburi Salmon Mentai with Edamame Don, featuring salmon steaks topped with mentaiko sauce then aburi-ed. The special rice is topped with edamame, furikake, tobiko, onsen egg, shredded nori, shibazuke pickle, yuzu sauce and spring onions.

A couple more donburis to try are Yakitori Chicken with Truffled Mushroom Don ($15) and Smoked Duck with Sweet Corn Don ($15).

Still famished? Upgrade your meal with lip-smacking sides like the Deep Fried Chicken & Vegetable Gyoza ($6), Yakitori Chicken Skewers ($7), Mentai Mayo Tamagoyaki ($6), Truffle Edamame ($7), and many more.

Mentai Mayo Tamagoyaki ($6)
Enjoy this traditional Japanese dish prepared by adding mayonnaise and mirin to whisked eggs, before turning them into a light and fluffy rolled omelette.

Served sliced into blocks, the tamagoyaki is topped with Alaskan pollock roe called mentaiko. A layer of shredded nori and pickled ginger completes this side.

Chicken Karaage with Parmesan Cheese ($7)
Complement your main with a side of chicken cutlets, flavoured with ginger, garlic, sake and soy sauce, then coated with corn starch before deep-frying.

The result are crunchy pieces of bite-sized chicken, served with Japanese mayo, a wedge of lemon and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.

Truffle Edamame ($7)
Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this side dish – it can be addictive.

These pods of young, soft soybeans have a nutty, sweet flavour and a creamy yet mildly crunchy texture.

Tossed with white truffle oil, truffle paste and salt, the edamame gets that unique earthy mushroom-y flavour.

Miso Salmon
60 Peck Seah Street, Singapore 079323 (Tanjong Pagar MRT)
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)
Islandwide Delivery: https://misosalmon.oddle.me (also on GrabFood)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Miso Salmon.

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