Milksha has new taro BBTs

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We last heard from Milksha when they opened their new outlet in Guoco Tower. From 9 March, this popular bubble tea chain is offering two new taro bubble teas, across all Milksha outlets. These seasonal drinks will only be available for six weeks.

milksha taro cha cha
Image credit: Milksha Singapore

These new drinks are localised plays on the existing Fresh Taro Milk ($5.60), made with taro that’s imported from Taiwan. The Taro Cha Cha ($6) sees a marriage between this Fresh Taro Milk and our local favourite, bo bo cha cha. Here, you can expect the familiar flavours of coconut cream and brown sugar sago, elevated by chewy taro balls.

milksha taro kacang
Image credit: Milksha Singapore

Meanwhile, their Taro Kacang ($6) is a fusion of their Fresh Taro Milk and our national dessert, ice kacang. Made with red bean milk, coconut cream, brown sugar sago, taro puree, and taro balls, this drink is sure to create a party of textures in your mouth.

milksha taro drinks 2

If you’re not a taro fan, don’t fret, as Milksha has a diverse selection of bubble teas for you to choose from. This includes their signature Azuki Matcha Milk ($5.60), made with matcha that’s specially imported from Japan, and their Valrhona 100% Cocoa Milk ($4.80), which boasts an intense chocolate flavour from premium Valrhona chocolate. If you’re feeling like something light, we recommend the Roasted Wheat Tea (from $2.60), which has a nutty fragrance from roasted wheat.

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