When you are roaming around Singapore, you may find yourself stumbling upon carts that offer sandwich ice-creams. Of course, one of the most notables names is none other than Uncle Chieng, a brand that has been around since 1965. If you are looking for these cold treats to be delivered to your house, perhaps it is time to check out this hidden brand!

Handcrafted Ice-Cream Snugged Between Fried Buns

Recently chanced upon their Instagram account, Man Tou Da Han delivers handcrafted ice-cream with mantaos. Created by two graduates from NUS, Man Tou Da Han’s menu features unique ice-cream flavours. Checking out Man Tou Da Han’s menu, some of the interesting choices include Lycheeling, Kick Ball Lim Kopi, Ultraman’s Salted Egg, and Rose Oolong.

The names are truly intriguing. Kick Ball Lim Kopi sounds a little feisty, as it should! It has sharp notes of Vietnamese drip coffee, and it is well-balanced with hints of Milo. Another popular choice would be Rose Oolong, packed with rose scents and notes of oolong tea. With these two, it feels as though tea time can be comfortably be replaced by ice cream instead!

How do you deliver ice-cream mantao? Well, the team behind it has thoughtfully planned out everything. Ice-creams are available in tubs, and mantaos are nicely sliced in the middle, and cosily packed together. It works really well for small celebrations, and even parties. The prices start from $6.50 for an ala carte ice-cream, and $4.50 for bite-sized mantao with condensed milk dips.

Find It At Man Tou Da Han

For more information, you can check it out on Instagram!

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Cover Photo: @huzainietsunami (Instagram), @cafelovesfood (Instagram).

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