Lotus Biscoff snacks in Singapore

Lotus Biscoff‘s, aka Speculoos’, cookie butter goodness lends itself well to a variety of sweet treats. From cookies to brownies, fans of the spread are spoiled for choice when it comes to satisfying their sweet tooth. Now, more so, as you can find Lotus Biscoff & Go, breadstick and dip snacks with the cookie butter akin to Yan Yan, available on Shopee.

lotus biscoff snack
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These snacks launched last year abroad, and now, we can finally get our hands on them in Singapore.

lotus biscoff snack and go shopee

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Each 45g packet gets you a handful of breadstick biscuits, and a small pot of cookie butter to dip the sticks into. A packet is priced under $5, though it depends on which store you buy it from on Shopee. One of said shops is offering the stick-and-dip snack for $4.11, with a 1-for-1 deal to boot. In this regard, each packet is priced at just $2.05! Alternatively, you can get a pack of eight for $25 at a separate Shopee store.

lotus biscoff sauce

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Apart from this nifty portable snack, Shopee also has a wealth of other Lotus Biscoff goodies, such as 1kg bottles of Lotus Biscoff sauce (from $17.80) to top your ice cream and desserts with.

lotus biscoff cookies
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There are also Lotus Biscoff Biscoff Cream Sandwich Cookies (from $5.62), where Lotus Biscoff biscuit rounds are stuffed with the cookie butter cream.

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