A couple of months ago, McDonald’s announced that it was collaborating with the biggest boy band in the world, BTS. The worldwide launch was well-received with fans all around the world. Although it was announced at the same time, BTS Meal was launched on different dates, depending on the countries. Singapore’s launch was slightly delayed, but the date is finally arriving!

Long-Awaited BTS Meal By McDonald’s Will Be Launching


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BTS Meal was launched in some neighbouring countries, including Malaysia and Indonesia. Although the response was expected, yet it was astounding with long queues. Launching on 21st June 2021, make sure to keep a safe distance between other fellow customers while queueing! If you catch a glimpse of BTS Meal, you will probably know what’s the meal all about.


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BTS Meal consists of McDonald’s well-loved McNuggets (10 pieces), new sauces (2), fries (medium), and Coke (medium). The brand new sauces are Cajun and Sweet Chilli. These limited-time-only sauces are hand-selected by BTS, and it is inspired by McDonald’s South Korea. Sweet Chilli is a little sweet and sour, with a little touch of heat, whereas Cajun is a combination of hot mustard, chilli, and peppers. Spicy.


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Another notable thing about BTS Meal is none other than the packaging. The packaging has a touch of BTS with purple notes on the paper bag, and full-on purple for McNuggets and Coke. Some netizens who had purchased the BTS Meal took the creative route by preserving the packaging. Some of them turn it into keychains with the lids of the sauces, while others make book covers from paper bags.

Launching On 21st June In Singapore

Will you be getting your hands on the exclusive BTS Meal? Remember to stay safe while you’re in McDonald’s!

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