Kroffles / Cafe Mini Tour

βœ”Breakfast Buffet hours: 9am-11am
βœ”Theme : Garden Style
βœ”Service: 3.0/5.0
βœ”Buffet @ S$14.90++
βœ”Food Decoration : 2.9/5.0
βœ”Overall Rating: 3.5/5.0
βœ”Credits: Thanks Marketing Team/ Jessica for having me

8 Kroffles Flavours

β˜† Kroffle: personally love croissants so this kroffle texture is definitely good and worth trying. Buttery, flakey croissant in a waffle style. Served crispy and warm. Definitely well influenced from Korea .

β˜† Corn-Cheese: personally love sweet corn so this was definitely my kind of kroffle. A thick layer of lightly scorched melted cheese covering the kroffle base and sweet corn. The crunch made it refreshing. My favorite

Corn Cheese Kroffle

β˜† Lime-Avocado: this was creamy and pretty light on the avocado taste . Served with a creamy , sour tone . Topped with grapes which gave it a juicy burst of the fruitiness . The savoury-sweet taste with the extra crunch from the grapes was pretty unique. Worth the try!

Lime Avocado Cream Cheese Kroffle

β˜† Garlic Cream Cheese: The garlic was a on the bitter side. Cream cheese was creamy so it kind of covered a little of the garlic bitter taste which is still decent . Definitely a choice for garlic fanatics. This was still fine.

Garlic Cream Cheese Kroffle

β˜† Bacon Mash Potatoes: pretty unfortunate that the Potatoes were out of stock so it was just simply served with only streaky bacons and maple syrup . Felt that the mash potato could have been better replaced

β˜† Honey Mustard Cream Cheese: this served with cream cheese which had a soothing sweetness topped with bits of mustard seeds giving the extra sourish taste. A pleasant surprise to work out your gastric juices. Can try

Honey Mustard Cream Cheese Kroffle

β˜† Mix Berry: Served with berry jam topped with strawberries. Definitely towards the sour side of life. If you love sourness or love jam , then you may like to try this. Personally felt that the jam was a tad too dry too.

β˜† Chocolate: this was simply served with a chocolate spread and chocolate bits. Tasted how it looked.

β˜† Cinammon: served simply with a cinnamen spread sprinkled with cinnamon powder. Not too sweet and had a pleasant cinnamon fragrance at first bite

Cinnamon , Chocolate , Mixed Berries Kroffles

β˜† Butter Cream Latte (Hot): Loved this cup of latte. It was fragrant , thick and soothing to start the morning. Gentle on the sweetness . The Iced one was a little diluted for our preference though .

Butter Cream Latte

Overall a pretty good breakfast buffet for all pastry lovers. Do check it out!

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