koi orh nee sweet potato bubble tea

KOI new sweet potato and orh nee bubble tea

Orh nee and sweet potato have boomed as flavours in the bubble tea scene of late, and joining the fray is KOI. The popular bubble tea chain is introducing two new flavours: a Sweet Potato bubble tea, and Orh Nee bubble tea, available at select outlets islandwide.

koi sweet potato and orh nee bubble tea
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Their spotlighted Orh Nee Milk Tea combines a lush and creamy taro paste with taro Q pearls to really amp up the yam flavours we know and love. For those who are not big on KOI’s milk tea, but still want to try out this orh nee goodness, you can enjoy their Orh Nee Fresh Milk or Tea Latte instead. These drinks are priced at $5.70 each, and come in one size only.

koi sweet potato and orh nee bubble tea
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The Orh Nee drinks are exclusively available at KOI The outlets only. 

koi sweet potato milk tea
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Next, the Sweet Potato drinks let you choose between Sweet Potato Milk Tea, and Sweet Potato Fresh Milk. The drink combines a candied sweet potato paste with more taro Q pearls, so you get the best of both worlds. The drinks are priced at $5.90, and come in only one size as well.

The Sweet Potato Drinks are exclusively available at all KOI Express outlets only. You can find KOI’s full list of outlets here.

For more KOI news, West-siders rejoice, as KOI The has recently opened a new outlet in Clementi Mall, while their Clementi Blk 443 outlet will be rebranding into a KOI Express kiosk. For Westies, this means you can get your hands on both new flavours, all in your ‘hood.

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