Kneaded by Han is a home-based bakery with unique desserts 

Dessert fans may have come across Kneaded by Han, a home-based bakery that has been around for close to two years. Despite being relatively new in the scene, the small business has already garnered close to 8K followers on Instagram. Many love their pretty and unique bakes that are inspired by Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese flavours!

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You can tell that owner Han is serious about her business as she comes up with a new menu every week. A few months ago, she introduced a gorgeous layered dessert: Matcha Pumpkin Sesame Gateau (price TBD), a multi-layered, visually-striking treat. Along with this, Matcha Magnum Tiramisu Gateau, Mugwort Matchanana Gateau, and Matcha Purple Sweet Potato Gateau were also some of her other unique creations. 

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This one’s for all taro lovers—the Orh Nee Chestnut Mont Blanc Tart (price TBD) features a roasted chestnut and pumpkin cream within, topped with a good amount of taro paste and a sweet potato crisp. 

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Taking influences from Korea and Japan, the recently launched Yam Sesame Mammoth Bbang (price TBD) and Matcha-Hojicha Mammoth Bbang (price TBD) were also popular hits. Many online reviews raved about the combination of the soft bread with the generous amount of filling in each mammoth bbang. In case you aren’t aware, mammoth bread is similar to streusel bread, which comprises a sweet bread topped with a crunchy crumble. It’s one of the most popular breads sold in Korean bakeries, and isn’t a common find in Singapore, so you should definitely try it if you can.

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Then there’s also a purple-hued Purple Sweet Potato Salted Egg Yolk Pound Cake (price TBD): fluffy sweet potato pound cake with salted egg yolk in the centre, then glazed with sweet potato ganache.

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Alternatively, go for The Basqueteau (price TBD), where mugwort takes centre stage in this work of art. Mugwort is a type of herb commonly used in Korean desserts, food, and even skincare products. It’s aromatic and herbal, with a slightly grassy flavour.

There are many layers to The Basqueteau: there’s a sweet potato crust at the bottom, followed by pumpkin cheesecake, mugwort gateau, a gooey layer of pumpkin ganache, and a generous amount of mugwort cream. You also get an injeolmi crumble as the finishing touches to this unique dessert.

Check out their Instagram page for the latest updates, and keep your eyes peeled for the next order. Do note that pre-order slots open every Saturday at 12pm!

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Kneaded by Han is not a halal-certified eatery. 

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