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King of Fried Rice in Yishun

For those dwelling in the North, you’ll be pleased to know that the popular fried rice eatery, King of Fried Rice, is opening their fifth outlet in Wisteria Mall at Yishun. This new outlet will be located at basement one of the mall, and is set to open by end June, or in July.

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For those uninitiated to King of Fried Rice, they first made waves when they arrived at Golden Mile Tower in 2019, with their egg fried rice that’s said to be as good as Din Tai Fung’s.

Here, the signature dish is affordably priced as well, as you can get a plate of Egg Fried Rice With Pork Cutlet at only $6.50. Fans of King of Fried Rice love the wok hei-infused rice in this dish, as well as the tender pork cutlet it’s topped with. If you prefer seafood, there’s also Egg Fried Rice With Shrimp ($6.50) available.

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For spice-loving diners, King of Fried Rice has Mala Fried Rice (from $5), piquant from the use of peppercorns. You can also consider the Tomyum Fried Rice (from $5), which I personally like as it doesn’t make me feel jelak, with its tanginess and strong lemongrass flavour.

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Another signature item to try at King of Fried Rice in Yishun is the X.O Fried Rice (from $5.50), made umami with the addition of X.O seafood sauce, and bits of dried shrimp speckled within. 

Every order of fried rice comes with their house-made chilli oil, that is said to be more savoury than spicy. You can also dress your fried rice with Tobiko, available as an add-on for $1.

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Address: 598 Yishun Ring Road, #B1-03, Wisteria Mall, Singapore 768698
Opening hours: TBA

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