Joy Luck Teahouse Bishan Junction 8

Joy Luck Teahouse is on a non-stop roll. After opening outlets in Causeway Point, Parkway Parade, Sun Plaza, and more, the stall is making its way to Bishan, with a new outlet slated to open in April 2021 within Junction 8. This will be Joy Luck Teahouse’s eighth opening in Singapore, following their recent Funan Mall store.

joy luck teahouse junction 8
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Joy Luck Teahouse Bishan Junction 8 will be located in the basement, at unit #B1-03, where Standard Photo was formerly located. The stall is flanked by Bengawan Solo and Kips N Kwik.

Joy Luck Tea House - Egg Tart

For those who may not know the brand well, Joy Luck Teahouse sells cha chaan teng-style goodies from three famous Hong Kong eateries. Here, you can get your hands on Hong Kong-style egg tarts from Kowloon’s Hoover Cake Shop, a bakery that Chow Yun Fatt calls his favourite. The HK Egg Tarts here go for $2.30, and you can choose between pastry skin, a.k.a flaky crust, or cookie skin, for a buttery cookie crust.

joy luck teahouse woodlands - bolo bun

Also available at Joy Luck Teahouse are polo buns from Kam Kee Cafe, a cha chaan teng with more than 50 years of history. While the classic option is the Kam Kee Pineapple Bun Butter ($2.80), diners can also try Singapore exclusives such as their kaya ($2.50), and luncheon meat ($2.80) versions of the polo bao. Another import from Kam Kee you have to get is their Hong Kong-style Milk Tea (from $3.50), available in both hot and cold versions. Using Sri Lanka tea leaves, these aromatic drinks will transport you to hole-in-the-wall cha chaan tengs in Wan Chai.

joy luck teahouse bugis - hong kong-style milk tea

Finally, Joy Luck Teahouse also sells the beloved HK Curry Fishballs ($4.80), a familiar street snack to anyone who has visited Hong Kong. The stall gets their recipe from Tak Hing Fishball Company.

The brand is also known for opening in new neighbourhoods with outlet exclusives. For instance, its Sun Plaza store debuted with condensed milk buns, while their Woodlands outpost opened with Milo polo buns, as well as Milo Yuan Yang. They have also started selling chee cheong fun, including a hae bee hiam one limited to their Parkway Parade kiosk. No word yet on what Joy Luck Teahouse Bishan Junction 8 will arrive with, but we know it’s going to be good.

Joy Luck Teahouse Opens In Woodlands With Milo Polo Buns And Milo Yuan Yang

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Address: 9 Bishan Place, #B1-03, Bishan Junction 8, Singapore 579837

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