New lobster pasta and more at IKEA

IKEA’s seasonal menu is back again with some big new hits, following their latest tasty additions of Rendang Chicken Wings and Ondeh Ondeh Cake. This time round, they have two new seafood wonders on the menu: Fish N Chips With Nacho Cheese, and Half Lobster With Laksa Spaghetti. Both will be available till 31 August only.

Fish and Chips with Nacho Cheese Sauce
Image credit: IKEA

The Fish N Chips with Nacho Cheese is priced at $7.90, and comes with a whole breaded fish fillet, French fries, steamed broccoli, and a generous serving of gooey nacho cheese that you can pour over your serving, or dip the deep-fried goodies into. If IKEA’s salmon dish is your go-to, this could be an exciting new option! It’s also kid-friendly due to the lack of spice.

Half Lobster with Laksa Spaghetti
Image credit: IKEA

For something more atas, order the Half Lobster With Laksa Spaghetti, priced at $16.50. Al dente pasta is accompanied by a creamy, lemak laksa pasta sauce, and topped with both steamed broccoli, as well as half a lobster, including a meaty claw. The lobster is poached simply, so you can enjoy its natural sweetness, with the pasta sauce providing a welcome spicy kick.

These items are available at all IKEA outlets islandwide, for dine-in and takeaway. If you want to save time in the queue, order via their Click and Dabao feature, where customers get to place their orders online and redeem the dish when they arrive, via a QR code.

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