In between meals, it is always a good idea to have some light snacks or desserts. Well, we believe that min jiang kueh is the perfect combination of these two. It is the best of both worlds with crispy skin and sweet fillings. We are always in luck ’cause there are many places that offer min jiang kueh in Singapore. Here’s one so underrated, you can’t even proper tags on the Internet!

Cheap & Crispy Min Jiang Kueh At Hong Pancake

Photo: @fo0d.obsession (Instagram)
Photo: @nottheen (Instagram)

Found this spot on Instagram, there are barely any posts of Hong Pancake. Located at Old Airport Road, Hong Pancake is not far from the famous Old Airport Road Hawker Centre. Although it does not have a proper Internet presence, rest assured that the min jiang kueh right here is top-notch. This can be supported by the fact that it is usually sold out before 10:00 a.m.! That’s how you know a business is thriving.

Photo: @fo0d.obsession (Instagram)
Photo: @fo0d.obsession (Instagram)

The round pancakes are pretty chewy, but you will feel the crunch at the sides of it. As it is pretty light, you can out try out different types of flavours. There are many choices of flavours to choose from, select from local and international flavours. Some great choices include Cheese, Chocolate, Peanut, Corn, Coconut, Red Bean, and even Chicken Floss!

Photo: @fo0d.obsession (Instagram)
Photo: @taroxtaco (Instagram)

Netizens who had tried these pancakes mentioned that Red Bean and Coconut are great options, while Cheese and Chicken Floss are perfect as savoury options. Although Hong Pancake is generous with fillings, these pancakes are affordably priced. The prices are ranging from $0.90 per piece to $2.50 per piece. Will you be making your way to Hong Pancake to takeaway some min jiang kuehs?

Located At Old Airport Road

Address: 21, Old Airport Road 390021 Singapore

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Cover Photo: @fo0d.obsession (Instagram), @taroxtaco (Instagram).

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