Yam, commonly known as orh nee in Singapore, is a fan favourite flavour among the locals. As long as we can remember, orh nee has been used in traditional desserts such as min jiang kueh, and also tarts. In recent years, orh nee has made several main character appearances in Western baked goods, and cakes. If you love some pure orh nee paste, here’s where you can get it from!

Heritage Dessert Shop Serves All Things Orh Nee

Photo: Orhhsome (Facebook)
Photo: Orhhsome (Facebook)

Stumbled upon on Facebook, Orhhsome has caught our attention with many netizens highly recommending this spot. Orhhsome is a heritage dessert shop that has been operating since 1995. It is currently operated by the second generation of the family. As the name suggested, this spot offers all things yam (and more). Here are some of the highlights from the menu:

  • Yam Paste with Gingko ($4.50 for 2 to 3 pax)
  • Yam Paste Plain ($13 for one kilogram)
  • Yam Ring ($6.50 for 230 grams)
  • Orhhsome Bites ($6.50 for 10 pieces)
Photo: Orhhsome (Facebook)
Photo: Orhhsome (Facebook)

In addition, there are additional toppings, too! Yam Paste is the perfect match for hand-selected toppings such as coconut cream, mochi, pumpkin, and purple sweet potato. It is noted that mochi is the most popular topping, perhaps people can’t get enough of the combination of smooth and chewy texture? Of course, the must-try here is Yam Paste (whether you like it with Gingko, or without).

Photo: Orhhsome (Facebook)
Photo: Orhhsome (Facebook)

Perfectly smooth, it is well-regarded to be less sweeter than others. Some other stars are Yam Ring, and Orhhsome Bites. You can place different ingredients in the middle of the ring. To turn it savoury, simply stir-fry some seafood and vegetables. You will be happy to know that Orhhsome is vegetarian-friendly, with no pork and no lard used.

Must-Try Yam Paste With Gingko At Orhhsome

For more information, check them out on Facebook.

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