HaengBok CakeYo 행복해요 means “Happiness” in Korean, and is a dessert takeaway shop located at Kampong Bahru.

It joins the likes of gelato shop Three Point Two, Nordic-style Cafe At3, French-style Dolc Patisserie, pet-friendly Plain Vanilla, Kream & Kensho and Strangers’ Reunion.

Opened under the same roof by the folks behind baking studio Nanatang, HaengBok CakeYo focuses on Korean-inspired bakes such as supersized macarons (Also known as FatFatCarons or ddung-carons).

Unlike the French-style macaron that is usually piped with a layer of buttercream, a Korean ddung-caron is stuffed with all sorts of ingredients from whole berries to multi-layered buttercream and even jellies and mochis.

You may go ” Jinjja Daebak! as each K-style Fatfatcarons (priced at $5.80 or 4 pieces for $19.80) has interesting classic flavours such as Blueberry, Matcha, Double Citron, Strawberry and Oreo Cheesecake.

Other more unique options include Ondeh Ondeh and Orh Nee that has a local twist.

Instead of having the traditional Teochew yam paste dessert drizzled with coconut milk, the Orh Nee Fatfatcaron comes with a coconut jelly sandwiched between 2 layers of smooth yam paste and 2 macaron shells.

There was a delightful difference in textures between the firm and wobbly coconut jelly, smooth yam paste and crispy macaron shells.

The Ondeh-Ondeh Fatfatcaron was my favourite flavour, made of a single pandan sponge, cream cheese with gula melaka and desiccated coconut flakes.

Mashisoyo~. The contrast in textures, with a fragrant and sweet aroma from the gula melaka was a satisfying sweet treat.

Apart from K-style Fatfatcarons, there is also the option of K-style Fatcarons (1 for $3, 6 pieces for $15.80) that is similar to the size of normal macarons with options such as Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Mango, Speculoos, Pistachio and Raspberry.

HaengBok CakeYo also offers a selection of the usual bakes such as Chubby Cookies (1 for $5.80, 3 for $14.80), Mini Chiffon Cake ($9.80), Shortcake ($6.80) and Classic Fudgy Brownie ($6.80).

The Chubby Cookies (1 for $5.80, 3 for $14.80) is somewhat similar to Ben’s Cookies being big and chunky.

It has a somewhat molten and gooey core packed with different flavours, namely Choco Chips, Pandan Gula Melaka, Red Velvet and Double Chocolate.

The Pandan Gula Melaka Chunky Cookie was the show stopper made with green pandan cookies and a moist and aromatic layer of gula melaka in it.

If you had been following Korean food trends on social media, you will notice these Korean Bento (or Lunchbox) Cakes that are about 4 inches wide and are known to be cute and customisable with a personal touch to it.

Also available here in Chocolate, Yuzu and Hojicha flavours, the Hojicha Chiffon Cake ($9.80) has a robust and intense Hojicha flavour within the sponge cake, coated with Hojicha infused buttercream and dusted with some Hojicha powder.

Fans of Hojicha will probably enjoy the distinct flavour of the Hojicha but the texture turned out to be a tad too dense and dry, unlike the light and airy chiffon cake that we are familiar with.

While waiting for travel restrictions to be lifted, HaengBok CakeYo is the closest we can get to enjoy Korean-inspired desserts treats when you watch your favourite K-drama.

HaengBok CakeYo
41 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore 168358
Opening Hours: 11am – 7pm (Thurs – Mon), Closed Tues, Wed

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.

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