Chocolatea is a home-based bakery with pistachio and goma desserts 

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Many popular bakeries start out as home-based businesses—just take a look at Park Backerei and Flourcrafts Patisserie. In the spirit of supporting small local businesses, we introduce Chocolatea, a humble home-based bakery that specialises in pistachio, matcha, goma, and hojicha desserts. 

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The menu changes from time to time. This time around, Chocolatea has rolled out goma and pistachio desserts. Their Triple Pistachio Cupcake ($8.50) caught our attention—you get a substantial amount of pistachio-infused chantilly cream and pistachio praline stuffed in a pistachio sponge cake. There’s also the Triple Pistachio Tart ($14) and Pistachio Fat Mud ($6.50) if you can’t get enough of the nut! The latter is essentially a pistachio madeleine filled with even more pistachio praline. 

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Moving on to goma-themed desserts, their Goma Roll Cake ($13) presents a huge roll of goma sponge cake packed with goma chantilly cream, and topped with even more black sesame paste and crumble. 

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Another scene-stealer is their Goma Tart ($13), which features a crispy pastry crust with black sesame filling, topped with three dollops of goma cream. This will surely be your cup of tea if you’re partial to black sesame desserts.

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Previously, Chocolatea offered bakes such as Matcha Kinako Tart ($13), Genmaicha Roll Cake ($13), and Seasalt Hojicha Blackout Brownie (price TBD). Currently, the next bake sale takes place on 2 September 2023, so be sure to get your hands on these pretty desserts before it comes to a close! Do check their Instagram page for more updates.

You can collect your bakes at Sengkang East from 11am to 9pm, or opt for delivery with a top-up of $14.

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Chocolatea is not a halal-certified eatery.

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