Broloklok sells affordable lok lok in Johor Bahru Mount Austin

Ah, my newfound love: lok lok. Broloklok was the last destination of our second day in Johor Bahru, and it also turned out to be one of my personal favourites. The red stools and tables lined outside a mobile truck selling a huge variety of skewers reminded me that I was, indeed, not in Singapore. This lok lok eatery is located in Mount Austin and opens till 2am every day except Wednesday.

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Prices start from just RM1/~S$0.30 here, and the most expensive ingredients will set you back at RM8/~S$2.30. FYI, the tip of every lok lok stick is painted a different colour to indicate the varying prices.

There are eight colours in total: Original (RM1/~S$0.30), Red (RM1.50/~S$0.40), Black (RM2/~S$0.60), Blue (RM2.50/~S$0.70), Green (RM3/~S$0.90), White (RM3.50/~S$1), Orange (RM5/~S$1.40) and Yellow (RM8/~S$2.30)

We liked that there was a host of ingredients here, spanning less common ones such as beef tripe and century egg to popular local bites, including otah bun and seaweed chicken.

Our total bill amounted to RM22/~S$6.30 as we picked a green stick (RM3/~S$0.90), two blue sticks (RM5/~S$1.40), two original (RM2/~S$0.60), and six black sticks (RM12/~S$3.40).

The cheaper ingredients out of our lot were the spicy tiger prawn and tau pok, while the pricier ones included lady’s finger, chicken wing, and enoki mushroom wrapped in a slice of bacon.

Seafood isn’t cheap and oftentimes, it can cost more than meat. So you can imagine how surprised I was when I found out that the Hot and Spicy Tiger Prawn was only RM1/~S$0.30 each here. It’s grilled over fire on the spot, and then finished with a good sprinkle of mildly spicy seasoning.

Besides the broccoli and tiger prawn, a collective favourite was the enoki mushroom wrapped in bacon—this was crispy with a good balance of salty and peppery flavours. Plus, each skewer costs less than a dollar!

I usually hate crowds, but I wouldn’t mind being a part of the throng for the full lok lok experience. We visited Broloklok close to 8pm, and there were already several groups of friends and families gathering around the red plastic tables with a tray of skewers.

I recommend the outdoor seats for a lively atmosphere, but if you need a break from the heat, head indoors to enjoy the air-conditioned space.

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Address: 41, Jalan Mutiara Emas 2A, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Opening hours: Thurs-Tue 7pm to 2am
Broloklok is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Hor Kia Ee and edited by Melvin Mak.
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