Looking for Japanese food, delivery, and omakase in the East of Singapore?

Making its debut at Downtown East Pasir Ris is Gaku Sushi Bar, a modern Japanese fusion dining concept combining a sushiya, omakase and full-service bar.

You may wonder ”How come I have not heard of it?”, or perhaps you have not been to this part of Singapore in a long time. This restaurant has been earning quite positive reviews among residents nearby, but it is still not too late to find out.

Located along E! Avenue, this 3,000 sq ft – restaurant-bar is ideal for casual dining and after-office drinks (when dining-in resumes). It has a dark-mood lighting and may not appear like a Japanese restaurant at first glance.

Whether you prefer to pick up or have it delivered, enjoy an extensive all-day menu of sushi and more via https://gsb.sukigroup.com.sg.

Imagine 18 menu categories from appetisers to mains to desserts, including Pasta and Kids Meal.

A wide range of donburis and sashimis, made using top-rate ingredients, are available to expand your choices. Delivery specials include Gaku Delight Sushi Platter ($58.80), Beef Truffle Don with Onsen Egg ($27.80), and Tori Karaage Don ($14.80).

Here are some of the recommended food items from Gaku Sushi Bar:

Spicy King Salmon Donburi ($18)
Take your pick from a variety of Donburis from Chirashi ($27), Aburi Chirashi ($29), Bara Chirashi ($19), Pork Katsu ($17), Chicken Katsu Curry ($17), Tendon ($18), to Premium Chirashi ($47).

Gaku Sushi Bar takes pride in using only King Salmon, known to have the highest omega-3 content.

Though Norwegian Salmon is more common, they go the extra mile and serve only the finest of the wild Pacific salmon species.

This is when you can taste its richer flavour and smooth-creamy texture in this Spicy King Salmon Donburi, with the fish loaded up with heart-friendly oils. The light spiciness comes from aburi-ed mentaiko sauce or spicy pollock roe, which also would give the added savoury and rich flavours.

XO Abalone & Crabmeat Chahan ($25)
Add some rice to your spread and order this seafood-flavoured fried rice dish.

Not often you find your serving of Japanese rice tossed in a mix of crab meat and prized delicacy abalone, flavoured with a spicy seafood sauce with umami flavours.

The rice is fried teppanyaki-style style with loads of garlic, and you still get a bit of that ‘wok-hei‘.

Other favourites in the Chahan category are the classic Garlic ($15), Meltique Beef ($25) and Sakura Ebi Fried Rice ($25).

Sakura Ebi Angel Hair Pasta ($20)
Other than ramen, soba, and udon choices, noodle lovers can also have their fill of Japanese-inspired Pasta items of cold Angel Hair Truffle Pasta with Hokkaido Scallop ($25) and Saura Ebi Angel Hair ($20).

Slurp on thin strands of this al dente pasta served with a topping of tiny, light and delicately dried shrimps of the recommended Sakura Ebi Angel Hair Pasta.

Enjoy bursts of salty and mild smoky flavours and crunchy texture with the added tobiko (flying fish roe) and popping sensations from the ikura (salmon roe).

Best for a light lunch, or while working from home.

King Salmon Mentai Gaku Roll ($25)
I love my Sashimi Rolls, and was surprised to find not just one or two, but sixteen types of selection.

This ranges from Spicy King Salmon Maki ($5.50), Unagi Avocado ($10), Min California ($11); to more premium range of Soft-Shell Crab Roll $(13), Spicy Tuna Cheese Maki ($26), and Spicy Ebi Roll ($17).

Enjoy the premium King Salmon meat in a form of a roll, filled with sweet tamago, crabstick and cucumber.

This signature roll is prepared mentai-style topped with conspicuous amount of mentaiko sauce then aburi-ed, further topped micro greens, and fine strips of radish.

Simple, hits the cravings with its loaded-creamy goodness.

Flying Soba ($14, note soba presented this way only for dine-in)
Eccentrically presented, these levitating noodles are served chilled with an accompaniment of light dipping broth.

Enjoy these thin, slippery and slurp able Japanese noodles made of buckwheat and travel to Japan in an instant.

GFC – Gaku Fried Chicken ($16)
Don’t miss popular appetisers such as Oyster, Kinoko Butter Yaki and Kanpachi Ceviche (priced from $4 – $17).

Find this brand-bearing signature chicken dish GFC under Agemono. A large piece of well-seasoned chicken is deep-fried to a crisp exterior while keeping its meat tender and juicy.

For other Agemono nibbles, pick from popular choices of Tempura Moriawase ($23), Shishamo Tempura ($7), Truffle Onion Rings with Furikake ($10), to even Truffle Fries ($13). For a softer mouthfeel, the Agedashi Tofu ($9) is recommended.

Gaku Sushi Bar Omakase
Before dining-in resumes, bookmark Gaku Sushi Bar for its inexpensive Omakase Sets starting from with $88, and reservations is highly recommended.

The 4 sets include the Sakura ($88) and Mo ($108) available during lunch; and Tsubaki ($128) and Gaku’s Premium ($158) for dinner.

The Gaku’s Premium ($158) includes a whooping spread of hot & cold Appetiser, Premium Salad, 6 types of seasonal Sashimi, Agemono, Nimono, Chef’s Creation, 7 pieces of Sushi, Soup and Dessert.

Value-for-its-money is The Sakura Set ($88) which includes an appetiser, salad, 5 kinds of Sashimi, Agemono, 5 pieces of Sushi, Soup, and Dessert.

Revel in 5 types of classic sashimi favourites like melt-in-the-mouth thick slices of Akami (tuna), King Salmon, Chutoro (tuna belly), Kanpachi (amberjack), and Tako (octopus). For any true-blue sashimi-holic.

Also included are 5 types of Sushi. The fishes presented changes seasonally, and according to the freshest supply receive from Japan.

When dining-in resumes, you can safely reconnect with your drinking pals in their central bar, or simply relax in their lounge sofas with family and friends. For more intimate gatherings, they offer 3 private dining rooms behind the main dining area.

Tipplers will love Gaku Sushi Bar’s special curation of sake, premium and organic red wines, and beer.

Gaku Sushi Bar
Downtown East, E!Avenue #02-304 Singapore 519599
Tel: +65 6284 0678
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:30pm (Mon – Sun)
Delivery: https://gsb.sukigroup.com.sg

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Gaku Sushi Bar.

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