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Fat Belly Social Steakhouse At Telok Ayer

Fat Belly - flat lay

Being a self-proclaimed carnivore, I was excited to hear that Fat Belly, a Bukit Timah steakhouse, was opening a new outlet: Fat Belly Social Steakhouse in Telok Ayer. Offering rare, alternative meat cuts, a wide array of wine, and a cosy dining ambience, the new steakhouse concept aims to create a social dining experience.  

Food at Fat Belly Social Steakhouse  

Fat Belly - Uni, Lardo, Caviar

First on the table was the scrumptious Uni, Lardo, Caviar ($36++) starter served with a slice of sourdough toast, cut into three for easy bites.

Fat Belly - uni,lardo,caviar close up

The creaminess of the uni and fatiness from the salumi was amplified by the saltiness from the caviar. The overall buttery texture was then contrasted by the chewiness of the sourdough toast. 

Fat Belly - OX tongue

Their Grilled Ox Tongue ($26++) is garnished with shaved fennel jalapeno, dashes of salsa verde, and bright ruby pomegranate. The fibrous offal cut was tender and not rubbery. Light beefy flavours of the tongue were kept refreshing thanks to bursts of sourness and acidity from the pomegranate bits. 

Fat Belly - rib cap

The 2GR Full Blood Wagyu Rib Cap MS 8/9 ($148++ for 600g) is cut from the cap of a ribeye steak. Some would argue that this is the best and tastiest cut of beef, and more marbled than the rib-eye. 

It went well with the flavourful Bordelaise ($10++) sauce that was prepared by reducing four different red wines. The sauce went well in contrast with the fatty beef cut, although I would prefer if its butteriness were dialled down a little.

Fat Belly - zabuton

The YG Black Opal Wagyu Zabuton MS6-7 ($210++ for 700g) is a chuck roll cut and is prized for its high marbling. With a better mouthfeel than the rib cap, it allowed me to savour the intense flavours just a bit longer. 

Fat Belly - blue cheesecake

Fat Belly started off as a dual-identity dessert shop and thus I had high expectations for their sweet treats. 

Their Burnt Stilton Cheesecake ($16++) is made with sharp and salty blue cheese, with a creamy consistency. The tartness of the roasted strawberry, kirsch (cherry liquor), and berry sorbet on the side contrasted the warm and heavy blue cheesecake. I would say the cheesecake is worth a try, although it definitely was an acquired taste.

Fat Belly - eton mess

I easily scooped into the cloud-like Eton Mess ($16++), where the main volume of it was meringue and whipped cream. The cream tasted heavy, but was balanced out by tangy raspberry flavours.

Fat Belly - eton mess close up

The rose petals here made for an aesthetically pleasing garnish, but proved to be more form over function as I constantly had to remove the hard-to-chew dried petals from my scoops.

Ambience at Fat Belly Social Steakhouse

Fat Belly - Ambience

Fat Belly Social Steakhouse is located at a mere two-minute walk from Telok Ayer MRT Station.

With the limited and cosy dining areas in the steakhouse, I felt like I was at a small family gathering. The friendly and approachable staff were also knowledgeable and made the menu understandable and simple.

The verdict

Fat Belly - verdict

Fat Belly Social Steakhouse served a no-frills experience of a niche category of steak cuts. I would say it’s worth a visit for any steak lovers looking to get spendy on payday. 

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Address: 21A Boon Tat Street, Singapore 069620
Opening hours: Daily 5:30pm to 10:30pm
Tel: 6227 2247

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Photos taken by Syamira Rohaizad.
This was a media tasting at Fat Belly Social Steakhouse

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