You may have just walked past this café at hipster hotspot and Michelin neighbourhood Keong Saik Road without paying much added attention.

That happened to me (and I had no intention to eat) when I noticed the old Keong Siak Bakery space has new occupants. When the server led me in, I was presented with a different slice of haven.

This hidden gem is called Enclave, and quite aptly named.

There were varied corners within the narrow space, with an elegant-in-jade-green private room and the open dining area looking like a piece of Bali with its plants and water feature.

The menu would present you with more surprises, when its signature items are the Soto Ayam ($16) by Soto I Am Jago and Indomie dishes. The owners are Indonesians who wanted to incorporate part of their culture into the space.

Dining starts only from 4pm though (too late for coffee for me), with bites of Truffle Fries ($12), Otah Buns ($8), Otah Fritters ($8), and even Cheese & Cold Cuts ($28).

Quite sceptically, I ordered the Otah Buns ($8) which turned out neatly presented in four pieces of halves on a wooden board.

The moist and substantial with fish otah pasta was sandwiched between fluffy-pandan-green steamed mantou buns, on a piece of banana leaf.

Compared to the typical wings and fries, I thought this a refreshing change but may not be everybody’s cup of tea.

The Indomie Goreng Special dishes include with Internet with Cheese ($14), Indomiberico ($15), and Scallops Indomie ($16).


The Indomie Internet was a once-trending viral Youtube thing, and stands for In Indomie Telur Kornet – the instant noodles, egg and canned corned beef respectively.

Kornet is short in Indonesian for “Kornet Daging Sapi” or corned beef.

While I am not the greatest fan of the beef, the delightful fried egg when mixed with the piping hot noodles tossed in sauce and spiked with chilli padi, turned out to be something quite satisfying.

Sure, you can probably make at home, but at least this was a decently-good rendition.

Other food items offered include Japanese Brown Rice Bowls of Roast Duck ($17), Roast Pork & Char Siew ($10), Roast Duck, Roast Pork & Char Siew ($21). Doesn’t gel that much, I know.

Enclave also has a “food concierge service” that allowed diners to order food from participating partner neighbouring establishments, such as Kok Sen Restaurant and Burnt Ends.

Note that this is for private room users (with minimum $600 spent requirement) and that the space is located in between the bar and main dining room.

41 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089146
Opening Hours: 10am – 11pm (Mon – Sun)

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